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Anti-Oil and Gas Exploration Campaign on hold

ASMAAFirst of all, I want to personally thank all of you that have signed the petition against the exploration of gas and oil in the Algarve, and a very big thank you to the few that have donated in the past 6 months. I am just sad that the majority has failed to even assist with basic things such as just collecting more signatures, and telling people near them of the threat facing all of us.

As many of you are well aware we have run this campaign in the past year with very little resources and very limited funds. We know that we have managed to do a fantastic job under these conditions until now. But we just can’t keep on funding it and providing the needed resources to keep the campaign alive for the time being.

Right now, our campaign fund account is down to its last few euros due to lack of donations to support it. Remember that the campaign has been funded by a very small number of individuals until now, and it is fair to say that no-one can expect the same people to keep on funding it month after month.

This means that we have to go back to the drawing board and re-strategise how we can raise sufficient funding to run the campaign to a successful completion. Because, we can no longer do it as we stand currently.

The monthly costs to run the campaign range between 750 and 1000 euros. This pays for basic things like telephones, travelling, volunteer’s costs, printing, stationery, printer cartridges, social media, etc. But fails to make provision to build up a legal fund.
We have a few ideas that we are currently working on … but to bring them to fruition we have to put the campaign against the Oil and Gas on hold for the time being, so that we can dedicate all our energies and last resources to focus on a different fund raising program, because what we have done till now has failed to raise the necessary funds to support the campaign.

If you have any ideas about fund raising for the campaign which does not involved seeking funds from big corporations or from government and, are if you are willing to run these fund raising projects yourself, please get in touch with us.

If you feel you want to contribute financially to keep the campaign going please let us know.

In the meantime, and once again, thank you.

Kind regards,

Laurinda Seabra


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