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Lack of funds and support threatens the Say NO to Oil and Gas campaign

Lack of funds and support threatens the Say NO to Oil and Gas campaignThe continuation of ASMAA’s oil and gas exploration awareness campaign hangs in the balance, as campaign funds are now totally depleted. No more funds.

ASMAA’s management is frustrated with the total lack of support from the more than 8000 non-paying association members, the more than 5000 online petition signatories, and the thousands of businesses spread throughout the Algarve that the oil and gas exploration will negatively impact in the future.

This lack of support (both financial and human resources) clearly indicates to us that the campaign is not important for the majority of these individuals, and the local business people.

So its now time to call it a day because there is NO MORE MONEY TO ENABLE US TO CARRY ON!

We’ve run out of money to cover even the basic costs of the campaign,” Seabra said on Monday, and after two years of full time dedication to this cause, myself and my small team of volunteers are now ready to step out and to let others continue the fight for this cause.”

If you are interested in taking over the campaign, and its running costs, please email us at info@asmaa-algarve.org.

Thanks to all of you that has assisted us in the past year. It was your assistance and our teams of volunteers that kept us going until now.

We gave it our best shot, but the facts are that no-one can bake an omelette without eggs!

Kind regards,

The ASMAA Team

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