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Marathon 24-hour croquet in aid of Bombeiros

Stephanie Shreeve and Dusan TurcerThis weekend, two members of Algarve Croquet Club (ACC), will be undertaking a marathon 24-hour croquet session to show their appreciation for the fantastic work of the local Bombeiros. 

Turn your house into a home, Interior Design Workshop

TURN YOUR HOUSE INTO A HOME, INTERIOR DESIGN WORKSHOPWe'll share the best interior secrets with you, as well as the latest trends for 2022, so that you're filled with ideas and tips to decorate your house and expand your ideas, without losing your roots.

Algarve Boat Festival 2021 - August 29th

ALGARVE BOAT FESTIVAL - AUGUST 29THIt’s already the second summer in times of pandemic and festivals and other events continue to be postponed or cancelled. Confronted with this scenario, the Algarve Boat Festival was born: one stage, multiple dance floors, at sea.

Figs on the Funcho - soon to be on TV!

FIGS ON THE FUNCHO - SOON TO BE ON TV!Check out the September events lined up at Figs on the Funcho retreat near Messines! Independent TV company, True North, will be featuring Cheryl and Graham of Figs on the Funcho in the seventh series (in January) of one of the TV companies' most popular brands, which is about Brits who have left their homeland in favour of a new start in Portugal. The series follows the highs and lows of setting up a business in a foreign country. 


E-scooter fleet arrives in Faro

E-SCOOTERSSuperpedestrian has launched its LINK shared e-scooter fleet in Faro. Superpedestrian's fleet in Faro has 150 e-scooters, and by the end of the month it will expand by another 150 vehicles. During the launch period, all riders will enjoy free unlocks. Superpedestrian will also add an additional €5.00, €15.00 or €30.00 for free when riders load their in-app wallets with €5.00, €10.00 and €15.00 respectively during the entire launch period. 

East Algarve Clean Up Event - July 18th

EAST ALGARVE CLEAN UP EVENT - JULY 18THThe EA Cleanup Event this weekend has been confirmed to take place at Conceição station in Tavira, on Sunday 18th July from 9.15 – 10.15.   The meeting point will be at the station car park and we plan to tackle the area around there.

New Exhibitions opening this week at Portimão Museum

NEW EXHIBITIONS OPENING THIS WEEK AT PORTIMÃO MUSEUMThe Museum of Portimão opens two interesting exhibitions on July 10th at 17:00h, highlighting the sea as a common denominator.  "Listen to the Ocean" by artist BJ Boulter (Bárbara Jane Boulter), and an exhibition of works related to the contest "Design with Tins".

Lockdown Themed Photographic Competition - the winner is...

LOCKDOWN THEMED PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION - THE WINNER IS...Rotary Club Estoi Palace (RCEPI) launched a Lockdown Themed Photographic Competition on the 1st of March which ran until the 31st of May.  The last year has been an enormous challenge for everyone. The onset of Covid 19 has led to Governments introducing draconian measures to control the spread of the virus.