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Austrian Weeks at Vila Vita Biergarten, Feb 15th to March 15th

AUSTRIAN WEEKS AT VILA VITA BIERGARTEN, FEB 15TH TO MARCH 15THA series of delicious specialities from Austria will be the star of the Austrian Weeks that will take place from 15th February to 15th March at the Vila Vita Biergarten, in Porches.

Algarve Artists Network “Artists for Hope” exhibition opens Feb 15th, in Monchique

ALGARVE ARTISTS NETWORK “ARTISTS FOR HOPE” EXHIBITION OPENS FEB 15TH, IN MONCHIQUThis painting is to be exhibited in the forthcoming Algarve Artists Network “Artists for Hope” exhibition at Galeria do Santo Antônio, Monchique, from 15th February to 14th March 2024.

Cookery Workshops & Culinary Holidays at Figs on the Funcho, Algarve

COOKERY WORKSHOPS & CULINARY HOLIDAYS AT FIGS ON THE FUNCHO, ALGARVEIf you enjoy cookery and the Algarve, enjoy the best of both worlds at one the Springtime Cookery Workshops & Culinary Holiday Experiences at the beautiful Figs on the Funcho retreat.

INFO Presentations for all Coordinated by afpop

INFO PRESENTATIONS FOR ALL COORDINATED BY AFPOPafpop, Portugal’s largest Association providing advice and information for foreign residents and property owners, is coordinating a programme of presentations under the banner ‘AFPOP Presents …’ covering a range of subjects in which its Members have expressed an interest to be better informed.

Cyberspace - a review of David Butler-Cole's 'The Internet of Things'

CYBERSPACE - A REVIEW OF DAVID BUTLER-COLE'S 'THE INTERNET OF THINGS'An enthusiastic audience packed the Teatro Mascarenha Gregorio in Silves last weekend for David Butler-Cole's 'The Internet of Things'.

Expat Centre Portugal - helping internationals feel at home

EXPAT CENTRE PORTUGAL - HELPING INTERNATIONALS FEEL AT HOMEIt's time to go out and explore fun activities that do not only include beach or golf. For those of you who are looking for something different, we are called “The Expat Centre Portugal” and our aim is to help international people who live and may also work in the Algarve, to build connections and friendships through social meet ups and events.

Algarve Tour and CD Launch of Svetlana Bakushina Fusion Project

ALGARVE TOUR AND CD LAUNCH OF SVETLANA BAKUSHINA FUSION PROJECTSvetlana Bakushina Fusion Project is delighted to announce the much-anticipated release of their latest album and Algarve Tour, "Algarvia."

New exhibition ‘The Beauty of Being - Revisited’ at Aderita Artistic Space, Vale do Lobo

NEW EXHIBITION ‘THE BEAUTY OF BEING - REVISITED’ AT ADERITA ARTISTIC SPACE, VALE DO LOBOAna António Gill's new works, which will be exhibited from 2nd to 29th February 2024 at Aderita Artistic Space, Vale do Lobo Shopping, explore the complexities and sheer beauty of "being human" while observing the world around us.