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Algarve Classic Cars: The biggest meeting of classic cars is back!

BERNARDO LÚCIO - ALGARVE CLASSIC CARS: THE BIGGEST MEETING OF CLASSIC CARS IS BACK!The Algarve Classic Cars event is back in the Algarve between the 9th and 11th of July, and is said to be the 'big stage' of classic cars in Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula.

June 2021 Concerts at Amigos de Música

KONSTANTIN LAPSHINThere will be a total of 8 'Amigos de Música' concerts during June 2021. these will take place in the auditorium at Os Agostos.
The first two of 4 concerts will be on Tuesday June 15 when pianist KONSTANTIN LAPSHIN will play pieces by Beethoven, Liszt and Rachmaninov during both the matinee and evening concerts. On Thursday June 17 Konstantin’s matinee and evening concerts will feature music by Scriabin, Chopin and Tchaikovsky.

Algarve Boat Festival: Lagos is ready to dance at sea again

ALGARVE BOAT FESTIVAL: LAGOS IS READY TO DANCE AT SEA AGAINOn June 19th, it’s time to celebrate the second edition of the Algarve Boat Festival in Lagos, Portugal. SeaBookings, a portuguese Start-Up dedicated to maritime tourism, with the support of the Municipality of Lagos, is getting ready to host this innovative concept of partying for the second time.

Palm Sunday and we are celebrating twice!

PALM SUNDAY AND WE ARE CELEBRATING TWICE!On March 28th, 2021 All Saints Anglican Church in the Algarve has 2 things to celebrate. The first is celebrated every year on the Sunday before Easter – Palm Sunday, When Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem and was greeted with overwhelming joy by the crowds who came to meet him.

Soul Food Master Class for The Algarve

SOUL FOOD MASTER CLASS FOR THE ALGARVEAll Saints Anglican Church in the Algarve are taking advantage of the current restrictions on movement to extend an invitation to the whole community to join them every Thursday and Friday in a series of activities which they hope will bring laughter, smiles and fellowship for everyone, not just members of All Saints Anglican Church.

1st Ever Drive In Carol Service in Almancil attracts crowds

1ST EVER DRIVE IN CAROL SERVICE IN ALMANCIL ATTRACTS CROWDSCarols rang out across a beautiful moonlit sky last Thursday night in Almancil as All Saints Anglican Church hosted the first ever community “Drive in Carol Service”.

Algarve Film Producers Begin Search For Local Scriptwriters

ALGARVE FILM PRODUCERS BEGIN SEARCH FOR LOCAL SCRIPTWRITERSIn Partnership with Production Algarve and with the seal of approval of The Portugal Film Commission, Spy Manor Productions will host a three-day workshop free of charge to ten preselected local screenwriters, that will later be pitched to international streaming services.

'Lifetime Musicals' Show Is A Huge Success

'LIFETIME MUSICALS' SHOW IS A HUGE SUCCESSThere were two unforgettable nights at the Albufeira Municipal Auditorium, where more than 200 people attended the premiere of LIFETIME MUSICALS - O Espetáculo.