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What Is the Importance of Supply and Demand Zones?

WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND ZONES?Technical indicators are one of the main factors that most traders rely on to determine the presence of imbalances in the financial markets. Such indicators help to understand the current market situation and help determine the price.

Currency Market Update - 15th May 2024

Currency Market Update Recent market focus has centered around European Inflation figures with Germany’s April Inflation figures released yesterday. Inflation in general rose slightly more than anticipated off the back of strong food and energy prices, initially denting investors hopes on an Interest Rate cut next month.

Consumer prices increased by 0.1% in April compared to the same period 12 months prior, however when stripping food and energy prices out, Inflation had actually fallen from 3.3% to 3%. What this shows is the difficulty that many Central Banks globally are experiencing in bringing inflation down to the preferred 2% level.

Currency Market Update - 14th May 2024

Currency Market Update This morning we have seen German inflation levels cooled down for its first time in 2024, being unchanged from March to April at 2.2%. After 3 consecutive months of drop in inflation for the European country, it has now flatlined. Inflation is not the issue for Germany and other European countries, what has been and continues to be the concern is lack of economic growth.

Currency Market Update - 13th May 2024

Currency Market Update The last week was pretty volatile for Sterling exchange rates, with the Pound falling prior and following the BoE decision. The simple update is that 2 members voted for a cut which meant that traders have now started to price in the first BoE cut for June - this essentially weakened off the Pound through Thursday.

Portugal’s Golden Visa changes continue to bring investment to the Algarve

PORTUGAL’S GOLDEN VISA CHANGES CONTINUE TO BRING INVESTMENT TO THE ALGARVEAs the allure of Portugal's Golden Visa programme persists, recent changes have catalysed a significant shift towards investment in the Algarve region.

Currency Market Update - 8th May 2024

Currency Market Update This morning has seen GBP continue to lose further ground against both The Euro & US Dollar in particular as we lead up to The Bank of England’s rate decision tomorrow. Current feelings within the market are pretty much in line with rates being unchanged, however what we anticipate might move the markets is whether the number of members voting for a cut will have increased from the solitary one member last time, or whether it’ll still be a minority in favour.

Currency Market Update - 2nd May 2024

Currency Market Update May’s Federal Reserve Interest Rate meeting took place last night, and for a change it was pretty much a non-event in the markets. The Central Bank has again kept Interest Rates on hold at their current levels of 5.5%, this has shown a complete U-turn by officials after initially stating in January that rate cuts were just around the corner.

Cash in a Flash: 6 Expert Tips for Lightning-Fast Funding

CASH IN A FLASH: 6 EXPERT TIPS FOR LIGHTNING-FAST FUNDINGThe ability to secure funding quickly can be the difference between seizing an opportunity and missing it entirely.
Whether it's for launching a new product, expanding operations, or simply keeping the lights on during tough times, access to rapid financing is crucial for businesses of all sizes.