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Age-old miracle still attracts millions

Age-old miracle still attracts millionsWhile the number of practising Catholics in Portugal and elsewhere in Europe is in decline, the Sanctuary of Fátima remains one of the most visited Catholic places of pilgrimage in the world. Pilgrims poured last weekend, on Oct 13th for the 102nd anniversary of the “Miracle of the Sun”.  
According to Sanctuary statistics, the annual number of visitors to Fátima over the past ten years has fluctuated between 3 million and 6 million.  The centenary year, 2017, exceeded all expectations with 9.4 million pilgrims from 109 countries.

Journalist and author, Len port, tells us more

Interviewing “The Indiana Jones of Yoga!”

Interviewing “The Indiana Jones of Yoga!”This week a film crew is specially flying in from Brazil for three days to interview and create a documentary on the extraordinary life and work of the man the media calls the “Indiana Jones of Yoga” - local Sao Bras author, artist, world travelling adventurer and truth seeker, Muz Murray.

Safe Communities Recognized as a Civil Protection Volunteer Organisation

Safe CommunitiesSafe Communities Portugal has become one of only a handful of organisations in Portugal to be recognized as a Voluntary Civil Protection Organisation (ODVC) in accordance with the provisions of in the Civil Protection Basic Law.

The recognition, recently announced by the ANEPC, covers the areas of “communication, information and facilitating training to the population concerning the prevention of collective risks and the minimization of the consequences arising from the occurrence of serious accidents or catastrophes by raising awareness of self-protection matters. In addition: to provide cooperation in relief and assistance to people, integrated in the global response effort in the event of a serious accident or catastrophe”.

questionMultiple entrances, guarded by a battalion of old and young uniformed men and women warned everybody that we were actually entering "The Citadel Show," an open air music festival in Gunnersbury Park, not Auschwitz.

Acres of white grass spread before me. I strolled past an endless number of drink and food stalls. Then three very large canvas covered arenas came into view. The mamoth Citadel was straight ahead, the Big Top 100 metres to the right and a third, non-descript nameless piece of canvas looked on deserted way over on the left.

fruitThis INHERIT Five-Country Survey Report examines the attitudes, preferences and behaviours of inhabitants from five European countries related to food consumption, physical activity and energy efficient housing. It is based on nationally representative questionnaire surveys conducted in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom in 2018, with a total of 10,288 respondents.

The survey examines the effects that incentive structures and the provision of information have on the willingness of individuals to adopt healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

expatWhen one gets older, the skeletal system and muscles become weaker. This also means that the elderly person will not be able to walk freely or stay on their feet for a long time. As a result, the elderly use a wheelchair to allow them to move around with ease.

So yes, these seniors need a wheelchair for easy movement, but which is the best wheelchair to choose? That depends on a few factors. However, the most common factor that will determine the wheelchair that a senior citizen should use is the type of wheelchair.