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piresdelimaThe Socialist Party declined today to go over in detail the recent rabble-rousing statements made by former PM and former President of the Republic, Mário Soares.

"To infer that violence is at the door is an inference from Dr. Mário Soares and we have no direct comment, but we should carefully read the signs that Portuguese society has been giving out and its disappointment at the austerity measures," said the PS national secretary.

hmrcWhen James and Sarah Glyn retired to Monaco in 2005, they did not expect to be charged £5.5 million by HMRC after receiving £29 million from selling his family property portfolio.

The couple returned regularly to London for Jewish festivals and traditional Friday night suppers with their grown-up children.

continentePayment card operating company SIBS confirmed the ‘existence of technical problems’ in payment terminals across the country this afternoon, but cash machines (ATMs) were unaffected.

“The network of payment terminals (TPAs) has been recording technical disturbances during the afternoon of Monday” confirmed SIBS with masterful understatement.

parliamentThe Association of Professional Guards has accused the minister of Internal Affairs of issuing “intimidating” statements.

The Association of Professional Guards said today that it regretted that the Minister of Home Affairs had said it was ‘unacceptable’ for officers to mount Parliament’s steps during the demonstration last Thursday. Miguel Macedo also claimed this behaviour “will not be repeated.”