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icelandThe UK’s frozen food retailer, Iceland, was hit by the tax man after it spent £4 million for a trip to Disney World in Florida.

The company had treated 800 of its managers to a five-day trip which took in Universal Studios and the Kennedy Space Centre as well as the Disney attraction.

falklandsArgentina has been increasingly nipping at Britain’s heels over the Falkland Islands, deeming Britain a colonial aggressor.

Only last week a lengthy denunciation from the country’s foreign minister said: “the lion roars, but does not inspire fear” over “the colonial and military occupation of Argentine territory”.

financaslogoPortugal's 2013 tax amnesty saw €1.253 billion paid to the state by its debtors with the extension to the end of December encouraging payment of a further €400 million.

Altogether, the tax amnesty measure resulted in a cash inflow of €1.253 billion of which €763.5 million hit the state's bank account by the initial deadline of December 20th 2013, with an additional 40% paid by taxpayers in the extra days allowed to the end of that month.

bmwThe BMW Group closed 2013 with record sales in Portugal. In the year just ended BMW sold 7,629 cars, an increase of 20% compared to 2012.

The total was bolstered by good sales of the highly popular Mini which were up 18% on 2013.

BMW gained its best market share ever in Portugal at 7.2% making it the forth best selling brand in the country. The Mini’s market share of 1.2% was its largest ever.

eurozoneJoão Moreira Rato, the chairman of Portugal’s debt management agency IGCP, said there are many international investors interested in new Portuguese debt issues.

Rato’s argument is that with the opposition finding some common ground with the government on the reform of company taxation rates there now is a good argument to convince international investors to acquire Portuguese debt.

Rato indicated that the agency which he chairs plans to return to the markets before the end of the rescue plan in May by issuing five or ten year bonds.

eusebioPortugal footballing legend Eusébio, top scorer at the 1966 World Cup, has died at the age of 71.

Born in the Portuguese colony of Mozambique in 1942, Eusébio da Silva Ferreira went on to play 64 times for Portugal, scoring 41 goals in a career that saw him enter the footballing hall of fame.

The Benfica striker's nine goals at the 1966 World Cup in England included four against North Korea. Considered by all as one of the best players of all-time, he scored 733 times in 745 professional matches.

gunJoão Carvalho now has been sentenced to the maximum term for a triple murder, but will continue to enjoy freedom, for the present at least.

The court may next week decide to lock him up but in the meantime he is free, as he has been since 2005 when he killed his girlfriend and her parents in acts of violence that shocked Portugal.