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Managing your international payments

Managing your international paymentsThis month I would like to discuss what happens when the exchange rate is against you. The first thing you think is “I’m losing out, I’m not getting what I wanted.” What I would like to say is, “don’t worry, there is always a solution.

At Premier FX we listen to your needs. We then go through the options to secure the best rates for you. We all know it’s all well and good while the rate is in your favour, but what happens if you have a large sum, or regular payments that you need to transfer and the rate is working against you?

50,000 company managers have assets seized by the State

financasSo far in 2014, Portugal's tax department has taken action against 53,914 company owners to settle company debts owed to the State by seizing their assets, according to figures released today by the Ministry of Finance.

This record cull in just six months of 2014 represents more seizures than during 2012 and 2013 combined.

G20 leaders: Unmask the corrupt

G20 leaders: Unmask the corruptG20 officials meeting in Australia later this year must make it harder for the corrupt to hide behind secret companies, Transparency International said today as it launched a global campaign to "unmask the corrupt".

Today many leading economies do not require or record information about who really owns or controls companies registered in their country, making it easier for corrupt individuals, terrorists or organised criminals to hide and shift their stolen wealth.

Tripadvisor Award from Vila Vita Parc

Tripadvisor awardVILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, the Algarve´s leading resort, today announced that it has received the 2014 TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award. The accolade, which honors hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Establishments awarded the Certificate of Excellence are located  all over the world and represent the upper echelon of businesses listed on the website.

How much is your presentation damaging your company's prospects?

Designworks!The old adage, ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’ is so true. A friend of mine was recently invited to an AFPOP evening where 3 companies had a captive audience to present themselves and generate sales or interest in their products.

How to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop ... or virtually any other type of business

How to Market a Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop .. or virtually any other type of businessA lot of people find marketing confusing, expensive, time consuming and even intimidating.

This especially applies to the owners of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. It probably also accounts for the reason that the closure rate of this type of business is three times higher than other business types.

Corruption rampant around the world

Corruption around the worldIn its latest international poll, Gallup has ranked the Portuguese government as one of the most corrupt in the world based on the perceptions of the Portuguese people.

Of the 129 countries surveyed, Portugal is up there with the worst - though not quite as bad as the Czech Republic where 94% of respondents think corruption is widespread in their government, followed by Lithuania with 90%.

Portuguese Chamber of Commerce UK leads the way in Algarve networking

BPCC - British-Portuguese Chamber of CommerceThe  'Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK' networking lunch in Albufeira last week shows that networking is not dead, in fact it is more important than ever.
This was a true networking event at the Varanda restaurant at Balaia Golf village with members and guests keen to meet new faces and chat before sitting down to lunch.