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The secrets behind landing pages – Clarity in content

The secrets behind landing pages – Clarity in contentSo you have a special product or offer you want to promote and a certain target audience you want to promote it to. And it’s possible you’ve heard somewhere that a landing page is the best way to do it. But what exactly is a landing page and what kind of content should it have?

QUALITY PAINTS in Lagos no longer going strong after 24 years - Brexit has a lot to answer for...

painttinThe bottom line is that at 77 and 75 Tim & Denise are simply too old to continue, so with due apologies and some sadness we announce the winding down and closure of QUALITY PAINTS after 24 years of trading, writes Tim Bebbington.

We’d have preferred continuity with somebody else taking over the reins, but Brexit nervousness rules!! I’m obviously missing something regarding Brexit in that whatever will be, will be and even WTO isn’t a problem in paint terms. I’m clearly in a minority of one, but there we go. So, as we can’t hold out forever, Brexit wins.

Oceanfront business or redevelopment opportunity For Sale

Oceanfront Business Or Redevelopment Opportunity For SaleThis piece of Algarve property gold is a unique oceanfront property estate in Western Algarve, situated just 20 metres from the beach. It consists of multiple individual apartments and townhouses, with pool area, pool bar and restaurant.

In good condition throughout this offers a great investment to continue the current holiday rental business, or as a redevelopment project to a boutique hotel or luxury apartment complex.

Please contact us at info@propertyspecialistsalgarve.com for more information. Price on application. Confidential sale - principals only. 

Property Specialists Algarve (AMI license number 12943) - www.propertyspecialistsalgarve.com

SeaBookings - the sea experiences platform - has a new brand identity

SeaBookings - the sea experiences platformSeaBookings, the Portuguese startup dedicated to boost maritime tourism, has launched a new innovative booking portal to bring its users even closer to the more than 500 sea experiences provided. In addition, a new brand identity was launched.
SeaBookings was born by the passion for the sea by the Dutch sisters Bo and Femke Irik in 2014. SeaBookings is an online platform where searching, comparing and booking sea related activities is made easy. 

Beja airport perfect as 'import:export hub,' write Jack Soifer

alentejoview1Two weeks ago, EDIA and MELHOR ALENTEJO held meetings to detail proposals to accomplish what politicians just talk about. Portugal’s interior has great wealth, can increase exports and create jobs.

Already in 2009, the handbooks COMO SAIR DA CRISE A, B, and C, listed hundreds of niches to develop in rural areas for A-lgarve / Alentejo, B-eiras and Baixo Tejo, C-entro and Cumes.

Financial Market Report - Sept 24th

Financial Market Report - Sept 24thThe Pound was having a pretty good week last week until Brexit came back to haunt us - The EU stated that the Cheques Plan created by Theresa May will not work, and there will have to be amendments for a deal to be made.

Theresa May responded in a speech on Friday afternoon by saying that the UK will not be having a second referendum and that a no deal scenario is better than a bad deal, implying that she will not be changing her stance.

Outsourced companies that are considered part of the resort family

Outsourced companies that are considered part of the resort familyTo outsource services is a common practice in the hotel industry, mainly for maintenance. Most of these companies are disconnected from the general concept of the resorts. CDRBresorts is no exception to the hiring of external companies, however, it has much to say about the involvement of these companies in the operation of the group's resorts.

"Portugal has everything to be the fifth most important country in the EU"

The containers'PORTUGAL 2020, THREATS/OPPORTUNITIES' conference in Coimbra was attended by SMEs from the Algarve, Lisbon, Porto, Castelo Branco and Trás-os-Montes, among others.
Jack Soifer, the Brazilian-Swedish consultant for the Inter-American Investment Bank and the World Bank in 12 countries and who has supported 298 companies and institutions, presented some data that could lead us to a new Troika.