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Articles of Incorporation: Staying Organized During LLC Formation

ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION: STAYING ORGANIZED DURING LLC FORMATIONAccording to the Office of Advocacy of the United States Small Business Administration, current research estimate that there are 30.7 million small enterprises in the United States. More than 59.9 million people are employed by these tiny firms.

Top 5 Claims Adjuster Firms in the US

TOP 5 CLAIMS ADJUSTER FIRMS IN THE USMany insurers are cutting their exposure by adding restrictions to new or renewed policies, a recent article in the Insurance Journal notes. These adjustments may require employers to bear more of the costs and increase premium rates according to Jason Binette, EPLI product manager at AmTrust Exec in Connecticut. 

5 Steps Towards Building a Sustainable Career

5 STEPS TOWARDS BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE CAREERThis article provides you with five top tips as to the careers and jobs of the future. Whether you are looking to make a change in your career or are just starting out, it’s worth knowing which sectors and jobs are trending and which jobs are likely to provide you with a sustainable, economically secure future.

Digital Marketing: in-house or outsourcing?

DIGITAL MARKETING: IN-HOUSE OR OUTSOURCING?Summer is coming to its end, the silly season is fading away, and typically this is that time of year when, in one way or another, we are forced to 'go back to reality'. Having a company, you’ve already realised, without any shadow of a doubt, that it is necessary to develop your business’ digital marketing; and if fast-tracking is what you need, this seems like the perfect time to take it forward. And it is!

Which social media platform is the best for business growth?

WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM IS THE BEST FOR BUSINESS GROWTH?Different social media platforms have different benefits and different ways of reaching potential customers. All are valuable for the growth of your business, but it can be tough to know where to start and which ones are the most popular. Digital media is a constantly evolving landscape. Let’s take a look at how some top business leaders are utilizing social media and which platforms they prefer. 

Are you really selling what your clients want to buy?

ARE YOU REALLY SELLING WHAT YOUR CLIENTS WANT TO BUY?Investing in digital marketing, or any kind of marketing for that matter, always has an end-goal, for a certain target audience, in sight: leads, clients, sales, revenue, net income… It doesn’t matter which objective you are chasing with each exact campaign – it might even be something as difficult to put a price tag on as your online reputation, or the strength of your brand – but, at the end of the day, what really matters to every business owner is “what is my return on the investment, how much income have I generated?”. And for most businesses, this means concentrating on sales.

Five Major Payroll Components All SMB Owners Should Know About

FIVE MAJOR PAYROLL COMPONENTS ALL SMB OWNERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUTPayroll management is an essential part of running any business. Generally speaking, payroll is a very complicated process that only gets more complicated as you go from a larger scale (federal laws) to a smaller scale (state & local laws). While it’s probably best to leave the actual payroll management to a designated payroll specialist (or your choice of payroll software), that doesn’t mean as the owner you shouldn’t know a thing or two yourself! Here are five important payroll components worth learning about.

A Guide to Strengthening Your Brand Image

A GUIDE TO STRENGTHENING YOUR BRAND IMAGEAs a business, your brand image is everything. It tells your audience who you are, what your purpose is, and why you are a company they should want to shop with. Forming a strong brand image isn’t simple, though, as there are multiple actions you must take to ensure your brand is both well-known and regarded in a positive light.