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Do the Benefits of an LLC Outweigh the Hassle of Setting One Up?

DO THE BENEFITS OF AN LLC OUTWEIGH THE HASSLE OF SETTING ONE UP?LLCs are not as easy to set up as they seem. Setting one up might be a long and tedious process, involving articles of incorporation, filing taxes, creating shareholder agreements, and more!

Smart Contracts

SMART CONTRACTSIt's going to take another two or three years for smart contracts to become at least normal if not widespread. But they are about to disrupt the world of business, and the way we do things.

How Carpet Cleaning Companies can Save You a Small Fortune

19911 carpet cleaningCarpets can cost homeowners a pretty penny, and if they are not maintained properly, you might be forced to replace them after a short period of time. 

Finding the Right Payroll Software For Your Small Business

Finding the Right Payroll Software For Your Small BusinessPayroll software has advanced tremendously over the years, making it easier than ever to manage payroll for your small business. Nowadays, you can easily find payroll software that suits the needs of your specific company.

Most Beneficial Business Entities For Startups

MOST BENEFICIAL BUSINESS ENTITIES FOR STARTUPSAs of February 2021, the most well funded tech startups in the United States (US) had received 15 billion US dollars, 3.4 billion US dollars and just under 3 billion US dollars respectively. It is clear that there is money to be made as a startup in the US. 

ZenBusiness: Why It Has Become A Favourite Tool For Startups

ZENBUSINESS: WHY IT HAS BECOME A FAVOURITE TOOL FOR STARTUPSForming a business in the US is accompanied by its obstacles and challenges, but by using a business formation service, entrepreneurs are able to tick one important thing off their lists.

Say what? Digital marketing is not a magic pill?!

SAY WHAT? DIGITAL MARKETING IS NOT A MAGIC PILL?!"Are you for real? So many articles written praising digital marketing and now you come and tell us it's not quite like that after all? You've got some nerve...!" Yeah, well, sorry, but we thought it was time to call a spade a spade... 

5 Ways To Save Money on Document Translation: Real Stories

5 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY ON DOCUMENT TRANSLATION: REAL STORIESAnyone who ever submitted documents for translation knows that translation does not come cheap. While you can save a lot of money and time by simply using an automated translation tool, doing so would make it very difficult to get a usable piece of translation. Sure, AI and Deep Learning Algorithms are the future of translation, but this future is not now. The real deal of today is human translation.