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Which social media platform is the best for business growth?

WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM IS THE BEST FOR BUSINESS GROWTH?Different social media platforms have different benefits and different ways of reaching potential customers. All are valuable for the growth of your business, but it can be tough to know where to start and which ones are the most popular. Digital media is a constantly evolving landscape. Let’s take a look at how some top business leaders are utilizing social media and which platforms they prefer. 

Are you really selling what your clients want to buy?

ARE YOU REALLY SELLING WHAT YOUR CLIENTS WANT TO BUY?Investing in digital marketing, or any kind of marketing for that matter, always has an end-goal, for a certain target audience, in sight: leads, clients, sales, revenue, net income… It doesn’t matter which objective you are chasing with each exact campaign – it might even be something as difficult to put a price tag on as your online reputation, or the strength of your brand – but, at the end of the day, what really matters to every business owner is “what is my return on the investment, how much income have I generated?”. And for most businesses, this means concentrating on sales.

Five Major Payroll Components All SMB Owners Should Know About

FIVE MAJOR PAYROLL COMPONENTS ALL SMB OWNERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUTPayroll management is an essential part of running any business. Generally speaking, payroll is a very complicated process that only gets more complicated as you go from a larger scale (federal laws) to a smaller scale (state & local laws). While it’s probably best to leave the actual payroll management to a designated payroll specialist (or your choice of payroll software), that doesn’t mean as the owner you shouldn’t know a thing or two yourself! Here are five important payroll components worth learning about.

A Guide to Strengthening Your Brand Image

A GUIDE TO STRENGTHENING YOUR BRAND IMAGEAs a business, your brand image is everything. It tells your audience who you are, what your purpose is, and why you are a company they should want to shop with. Forming a strong brand image isn’t simple, though, as there are multiple actions you must take to ensure your brand is both well-known and regarded in a positive light. 

5 mistakes that are killing your Facebook Ads performance

 MISTAKES THAT ARE KILLING YOUR FACEBOOK ADS PERFORMANCESocial Media ads are a tempting opportunity for any business owner – advanced targeting options and relatively low costs (when compared to many other channels) make it almost impossible to resist the urge ‘to test’ things around. And whilst creating a campaign on Facebook, after a while, may seem like a can-do task, it is still important to make sure your Facebook Ads performance is optimised, bringing you good results and not just ‘dripping money away’. Especially now that the budgets are a little tighter than usual.

5 mistakes that are killing your Google Ads performance

5 MISTAKES THAT ARE KILLING YOUR GOOGLE ADS PERFORMANCEGoogle Ads is not the easiest platform to use, especially if you are a beginner. There are plenty of settings and options. And though making mistakes is not a great thing in general, failing to do things right with some of the settings will not cause you major harm, whilst with others can negatively influence your Google Ads performance big time.

I did a Giveaway on social media! Om!

I DID A GIVEAWAY ON SOCIAL MEDIA! OM!First of all, you need to be aware that the beautiful images you see on giveaways on social media and the clear instructions of these hobbies, in which we have all participated here and there, do not appear there (whether on Instagram, Facebook, or both) out of the blue, with no work whatsoever.

Who said Social Media was free?

WHO SAID SOCIAL MEDIA WAS FREE?When we think of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media, as individuals, we think of photos, videos, news, friends, etc. But as entrepreneurs, small business owners, the first thing that comes to our minds is: audience.