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Has Repsol and Partex won the oil and gas battle in the Algarve?

Has Repsol and Partex won the oil and gas battleIt sure looks like they going to – if we do nothing … they will have won! 

I am extremely disappointed because it appears that the majority of you just don’t give two hoots about the campaign to protect our Algarve coast.

I look at what is happening in Ibiza, and the Canary Islands and then I look at the Algarve … and I see nothing happening here!

We have until August 2014 to raise awareness and get 100,000 signatures – and we are very short of the target.

After all the work in the past year, I feel as if we, at ASMAA are rowing against the current, and making little progress.  I am now at a point in my life in which I have to ask myself, should I carry-on managing the campaign against the Oil and Gas exploration in the Algarve more or less full-time or not? Or should, I just go back to managing other areas of ASMAA that also needs my support?


Two reasons:
1. Lack of funds to carry the basic costs of the campaign. It does cost money to run a campaign. And, we have received very little financial support in the form of donations in the past year - which meant that for 1 year the costs have been carried by me and a hand-full of others.
2. Lack of interest to assist with collecting signatures by more than 95% of you – an action that just meant you getting off your butt and get at least 10 signatures each in your own neighbourhood. Not difficult to do – even if you only do it with your family and friends.

But that appears to be too much effort for the majority of you. For example, we sent out thousands of E-mails but only +-50 people took the trouble to download the petition form?

Come on … if you don’t have money to support the campaign, I understand, but not taking a few minutes to download the petition form, and a few hours to get signatures and post it to us – that I don’t understand.

In my opinion … if you didn’t do it, it is because the majority of you are not really concerned about your own future, the future of your kids, grandkids and about the Algarve. That is how I see it.

So, without money to run the campaign, and without all of you doing your bit – is it worth me carrying on managing it? You decide!

I am now at a cross road – and my decision will be based on:

If ASMAA doesn’t get any funds in within the next 48 hours – at least 500 Euros to help us carry current costs, and if at least 200 people do not download the petition form and supportive documentation in the next 48 hours, collect signatures (a minimum of 20 signatures each) and post the signed petition forms to us within the next week, then I am ready to walk away from the campaign because then you have spoken - effectively saying that I am wasting my time managing it.

To download the petition documentation CLICK HERE.

To donate now...

BANK: ASMAA Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
NIB: 0038 0000 40309681771 32 (If you are in Portugal)
IBAN: PT50 0038 0000 40309681771 32 (For International payments)
PAYPAL as a GIFT to a friend: info@asmaa-algarve.org or laurinda.seabra@asmaa-algarve.org

NOTE: Your donations are tax deductible in Europe. Anywhere else please check with your accountant. If you would like a receipt for tax purposes please email: info@asmaa-algarve.org, sending us your name, address, NIF number (Numero de contribuinte in Portugal) and proof of payment.


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