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The Church in the Park

THE CHURCH IN THE PARKOver the years the Jardim das Comunidades in Almancil has hosted all kinds of community events. From Cafes to Picnics, from Concerts to the start of Rallys, from Children’s play areas to a dedicated exercise station, it is clearly a favourite spot for the people of Almancil to walk, relax and enjoy the gardens throughout the seasons.

A Summer of Guest Preachers from the “Ends of the Earth”

allsaintsEarlier this Summer Rev’d Mike and Linda Clarkson, the Priest and his wife of All Saints Anglican Church Algarve, stepped aboard a Plane en-route for a long overdue extended visit to their family on the West Coast of America.

Alpha 2021 - find out more!

ALPHA 2021 - FIND OUT MORE!At All Saints Church, Algarve we have just completed our third Alpha Course. The next course is due to start in September. Have you heard about Alpha? Would you like to find out more?  Alpha is an enlightening series of talks shared in small groups to explore the meaning and questions many people have about life. Everyone has the opportunity to watch the excellent videos created by Alpha and afterwards hear about what others think of the ideas and questions that have been presented.

Restoring The Earth

RESTORING THE EARTHChristians believe that God made the world with all its beauty and diversity, that it all belongs to Him and during our lives we are stewards of this beautiful planet.

Honest Conversations about Life

HONEST CONVERSATIONS ABOUT LIFEThis Spring, All Saints Anglican Church Algarve are issuing an open invitation to everyone across the Algarve to join with them to experience ALPHA. An experience that to date over 20 million people in over 159 Countries and in 112 languages have enjoyed.

Out of this ghastly Pandemic comes some good!

ALL SAINTS ANGLICAN CHURCH ALGARVEWhen All Saints Anglican Church went into Lockdown along with the rest of the Algarve in the Spring of 2020, they had no idea where the future would take the Church and the Community, both collectively and individually.

All Saints Anglican Church Algarve bring you “Fantastic Springtime Adventures"

ALL SAINTS ANGLICAN CHURCH ALGARVE BRING YOU “FANTASTIC SPRINGTIME ADVENTURESHere we are back in lockdown again, not knowing how long it will last, or what the future will bring. But this time All Saints Anglican Church here in the Algarve are reaching out to the whole community to extend an invitation to join them every Thursday and Friday in a series of activities, which they hope will bring laughter, smiles and fellowship for everyone.

Honest conversations in uncertain times

HONEST CONVERSATIONS IN UNCERTAIN TIMESAll Saints Anglican Church Algarve invite you to connect with the ALPHA Experience. This Autumn All Saints Anglican church in Almancil are breaking new ground and issuing an open invitation to everyone across the Algarve to join with them to experience ALPHA.