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Saint Andrew’s Society

Doug McAdam, the Chieftain of the Saint Andrew’s Society of the Algarve handed over the artistic materials to Dr Eduarda Santos, the Director of NECI (the Montinhos da Luz- based institution for the education of pupils with special needs).

Algarve Animal Charities

Animal CharitiesBelow is a list of Algarve and Portugal based charities. If you represent a charity in the Algarve or in Portugal and it is not listed below please send the details to paul@algarvedailynews.com.


Algarve Photographers

Algarve PhotographersAlgarve Photographers is a multi-national group of friendly, enthusiastic photographers who meet alternate Thursdays at the Museum in São Brás do Alportal, except when field photo trips are planned when we may meet elsewhere. 


ACCAWe are an officially registered Portuguese charity that supports underprivileged children (and their families) in the Algarve, through a network of volunteers and in association with a number of social partnerships and aid associations.

Mediterranean Algarve Gardeners

GardeningMediterranean Algarve Gardeners is an informal group for everyone who has a special interest in the plants and gardens of the Algarve and who wishes to  learn more about appropriate ´waterwise´ gardening.

Amara (Palliative Care Association)

AmaraAmara (Palliative Care Association) is giving training, a cornerstone of the association's activity, focuses primarily on this is a personal development course offering theoretical and practical training in end of life care.

Algarve Senior Bikers

Senior BikersAlgarve Senior Bikers is a group of mature and serious bikers in the Algarve with a common interest in motor cycling, enjoying rides together in interesting areas.

The informal group of experienced riders meets on a regular basis to enjoy both the riding and the social aspect of motorcycling.

Need Help with a problem

We  here at Nova Vida understand  that there are those that are not quite sick and tired of being sick and tired; struggling with a drink, drug or food problem or fast approaching ‘burn out’ but who are  beginning to realise that they need to seek some sort of help.