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Caring Community Association Supports Covid-hit Charities

Inauguration - Steve Scott with Aida Manchado, Sandra Nunes and Mafalda AlvesAlgarve west coast community association, Amovate, has stepped up its charity work to bring aid to people in the area suffering through the pandemic.

Long Way Across - a non stop trek across the breadth of Portugal in support of the Wildlife Ranger Challenge

LONG WAY ACROSS - A NON STOP TREK ACROSS THE BREADTH OF PORTUGAL IN SUPPORT OF THE WILDLIFE RANGER CHALLENGEIn a little under a month, Charlie Perring is setting off on Long Way Across, a 301 kms non-stop trek (east to west) of the Algarve, to raise funds for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge - an initiative created by TUSK to support the men and women rangers who dedicate their lives patrolling the national parks and game reserves of Africa, to protect the precious wildlife that remains there.

Tavira Resident Sets Off On The Trans Euro Trail For Charity

 Bryan Jeanes, set off on Friday to complete a 3000 km ride through Portugal on the Trans Euro Trail,Algarve resident, Bryan Jeanes, set off from Tavira on Friday to complete a 3000 km ride through Portugal on the Trans Euro Trail, on a 250cc AJP (Portuguese) Enduro bike. He is hoping to raise €3000 for local charity, East Algarve Families in Need.

Streetlife supporters swim the English channel to raise funds

STREETLIFE SUPPORTERS SWIM THE ENGLISH CHANNEL TO RAISE FUNDSA round of applause... In August four brave ladies, Christine Beckwith, Carol Arnold, Lisa Jones and Val Jones decided they would attempt a “virtual” English Channel swim to raise much needed funds for our local StreetLife Sterilisation Programme based in the East Algarve.

APAA Summer 2020 Newsletter

APAA SUMMER 2020 NEWSLETTERCovid-19 has of course had an effect on APAA. We were unable to open our shops at all for ten weeks and then for only 2-3 days each week as some of our more vulnerable volunteers were, understandably, reluctant to expose themselves to possible infection. This has resulted in a big dent in our income. CLICK HERE to read the newsletter.


Rotary Club Estoi Palace International 2020 Virtual Cat Show

ROTARY CLUB ESTOI PALACE INTERNATIONAL 2020 VIRTUAL CAT SHOWRotary Club Estoi Palace International (RCEPI) has launched its first annual Virtual Cat Show on 15th September.  
Do you have the purrfect pussy cat, the cutest kitten, the cat with the loveliest eyes, most magnificent whiskers? Then enter your feline friend into this fun virtual show. 

The Tiny Shelter is asking for Micro-donations!

E TINY SHELTER IS ASKING FOR MICRO-DONATIONS!Animal rescue centre, TheTiny Shelter in Albufeira got it’s name because of the size of the shelter. Initially dogs were rescued and looked after close to an old ruin in central Albufeira. However, when the land was sold, a kind benefactor allowed Isabel Searle the use of her land, and a small shelter was built in a few weeks.

Join the Madrugada team!

JOIN THE MADRUGADA TEAM!Join the Madrugada team - the Algarve charity currently have two part-time job vacancies they urgently need to fill, a position as Administration Assistant at the Madrugada Centre in Luz, and a Retail Supervisor role at the Madrugada Home Store in Lagos.