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Paulinha: rescued from the rubbish

PAULINHA: RESCUED FROM THE RUBBISH"Hi. I'm Paulinha. At least, that's my current name. I'm very friendly, and clearly I was once a house-cat with an owner. I don't understand what went wrong."

Rotary, Refrigerators and Refood

ROTARY, REFRIGERATORS AND REFOODRotary Club Estoi Palace International (RCEPI) whose mission is to help those in need, joined forces with the Rotary Clubs of Faro, Olhao and Praia da Rocha to help purchase refrigeration units for the new Refood premises in Faro and Almancil.  Helped by a grant from the Portuguese Rotary Foundation, almost 3000 euros was raised to buy the equipment.

Cats for Adoption: the Boys from Tavira

CATS FOR ADOPTION: THE BOYS FROM TAVIRAThis week we have a BOGOF offer with the Boys from Tavira!

Sponsor A Happy Bear to help Algarve children

SPONSOR A HAPPY BEAR TO HELP ALGARVE CHILDRENThe mission of Rotary Club Estoi Palace International (RCEPI) is to help those in need in the community.  With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the launch of our online project - Happy Bears.  

Social Support Needed

SOCIAL SUPPORT NEEDEDThis pandemic brought us all a clear picture of how bureaucrats use public funds to expand their power. While for most of the poor, aid comes as a rule, for those who have special needs or whose documentation is old, or who suffer from the slowness in final decisions it does not. Same for individual professionals, as hairdressers, footcare and massage experts, who had their income more than halved.

Felix is ready to go!

FELIX IS READY TO GO!More good news: Princesa, featured here two weeks ago, has found a new home. She'd like to send you all her noble, furry thanks for your support! This week, Félix is our focus...

Cat for Adoption: Please have Mercy!

Cat for Adoption: Please have Mercy!Ginger is the flavour of the week.  Very happy to report that Marmelada and Cátia, two more cats previously featured in the ADN have been rehomed! This week, we are begging for "Mercy".

Food Delivery For Families In Need

FOOD DELIVERY FOR FAMILIES IN NEEDRotary Club Estoi Palace International has helped the local Estoi School, Escola Básica Poeta Emiliano da Costa in many ways over the years. Annually, Portuguese/English dictionaries are provided for Year 5 students, career talks are given, and much need equipment has been purchased for them.