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The Collapse of the EU - Part 1

The Collapse of the EU - Part 1.Many people are surprised by the hate between leaders and extremists, as in Brazil, Ukraine, Korea, the US. There, youngsters kill dozens of colleagues while police-men torture alleged criminals in streets.

Are You an Accident Waiting to Happen?

ARE YOU AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN?Life can be a minefield, and not always at ground (or underground) level. Boats sink, planes plummet from the sky, I once tumbled from my elderly roller skates and skinned both my knees, a manoeuvre the instruction booklet claimed was impossible. And many of us fall headlong in love at some point, accidentally or otherwise.

Power cuts - you may be left with no access to emergency services

POWER CUTS - YOU MAY BE LEFT WITH NO ACCESS TO EMERGENCY SERVICESMEO recently switched us to fibre optic. Because our landline phone would now be routed by fibre rather than copper cable, I asked what would happen in the event of a power cut. We were told the landline would not function as it passes through the router.


PORTUGAL 2023Many people discuss what politicians and political institutions, as IMF, say about the future. A few trust them. They have to spread optimism, it´s their job. But an international consultant may not be optimistic or pessimistic, he has to be realistic, otherwise he will not be a consultant.

Some Countries May Not Even Exist

SOME COUNTRIES MAY NOT EVEN EXISTWe each carry a whole world inside our head, apparently, which sounds like it might give you a sore neck, but I don't think my head is big enough, despite what anyone says.  The most I could manage would probably be a micronation.

Dangerous road in Boliqueime

DANGEROUS ROAD IN BOLIQUEIMEThe stretch of road between Boliqueime and the A22 is dangerous. We drive there a lot as we need to get to school etc.

New Hitlers - The situation now in Europe is as 100 years ago!

NEW HITLERS - THE SITUATION NOW IN EUROPE IS AS 100 YEARS AGO!At that time, financial experts and a few corporations, as the crude and banks, with astronomic profits, manipulated theprices and shares in EuroAmerican markets. No real value. People were pushed to consume more than they could, borrowing money, playing a lot, at the expenses of folks with poor nutrition and no homes.

Bold burglary in Tavira shocks the community

BOLD BURGLARY IN TAVIRA IS VIRTUALLY IGNORED BY POLICEOn 15th of September in the middle of the main street (R. de Liberdade) of Tavira, young local men known by the police climbed into a house through the window on the second floor and took everything they could while the residents were sleeping upstairs.