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Bikers brave the cold for New Year ride

Lunch at HamburgoIt was a rare case of digging out the winter waterproof riding gear for the ride to Querenca and Benafim, organised by Brian (5th Gear) Evans on January 20th.

Although it was cold it did not actually rain on the ride and eventually all arrived safely at Restaurante O Hamburgo on the edge of the town of Benafim.

Drawing the nude in Olhão

Nude drawingEach Thursday morning a small and dedicated group meet to study and draw their responses to the male or female nude. The poses are short so they have to work fast.

Misjudgements are made and sometimes seen and redrawn. Everyone becomes more and more deeply concentrated, and as the poses become longer they have more time to see what's really there, and how endlessly fascinating this tangle of torso, limbs, head, hands and feet will always be to anyone who decides to explore, try to visually make sense of and draw.

New people are made very welcome.

Contact jill.stott@gmail.com for more information regarding drawing or modelling.

Launch of Safe Communities Portugal

Safe CommunitiesThe British Embassy in Lisbon was the venue for the official launch of Safe Communities Portugal during a ceremony held on 14th January 2015.

The ceremony was hosted by British Ambassador to Portugal, Kirsty Hayes, and attended by the Dutch Ambassador to Portugal, Govert Bijl de Vroe, representatives from other missions, representatives of the Office of the Mayor of Lisbon and of the Mayor of Cascais, Public Security Police (PSP), Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR), Autoridade Nacional de Protecção Civil (ANPC) as well as other invited guests and media.

Signing of Protocol between Safe Communities Portugal, GNR and PSP

British EmbassySafe Communities Algarve (SCA) was launched in October 2011. Its aim is to promote safe communities, enhance security awareness and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. In November 2012 it was registered as Associação Safe Communities Algarve becoming Portugal’s first non-profit crime prevention association.
In 2014 it was renamed Associação SCP, Safe Communities Portugal (SCP), to reflect its expanding work outside the Algarve. SCA relies solely at present on donations from individuals and businesses and is run by a board of five persons who receive no remuneration for the free services provided. They have advisors with expertise in various fields including cyber security to public administration.

British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce Christmas Gala

British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce Christmas GalaThe BPCC Annual Christmas Gala event took place at Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa on the 6th December and was sponsored by Chamber Members Credential Partners, Sovereign, Grupo HPA Saúde, Quinta do Barranco Longo and Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, and with the support of Photography Artlines.

Over fifty of the Algarve's businessmen and women attended the BPCC Annual Christmas Gala held on 6 December at Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, in Porches, this year featuring Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Portugal, Mrs. Kirsty Hayes, as guest of honour.

Grey Skies turn to Blue for Bikers

Grey Skies turn to Blue for BikersASB members met in Paderne for a ride on Friday 21st of November for a ride to Malhão in the hills north of Salir. The route was planned and should have been led by Hans who was unable to attend when the ride was delayed by two days due to bad weather. In his absence the ride into the mountains between Salir and Almodovar was led by David and Steve.

A New Approach to Rotary in Porches

Rotary e-club PorchesThe annual visit of the District Governor is always a special time for a Rotary club. This year, Rotary Porches reached a much-anticipated goal as well; the club was presented with official authorization for its change to become an E-club and to change the club’s name to Rotary E-club Porches International.

District 1960 Governor António Mendes presented President Goran Linde with the charter to make the transition complete at a recent lunch at Primavera Restaurant in Carvoeiro.

Rotarians visit Farol Island

Rotarians Visit Farol IslandOn Saturday, September 27th, members of the Rotary Club Estoi Palace International, together with members from Almancil International Rotary Club, friends and family, took the ferry from Olhão to visit the town of Farol on Ihla da Culatra, in the barrier islands off Olhão.

Culatra is the most visible of the barrier islands, due to its tall white lighthouse. The Portuguese word for a lighthouse is farol.