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The Nandi Charity - from small beginnings to successful shops

THE NANDI CHARITY - FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS TO SUCCESSFUL SHOPSStarting in Espiche in 1996 the Nandi was very successful. So much so that in 2000 more accommodation was required and the shop moved to Bungalow Park (Espiche Campsite).

Gentle Geriatric Jota is looking for a home

GENTLE GERIATRIC JOTA IS LOOKING FOR A HOMEHi there, my name's Jota. And before you say anything, I know I may look like a bruiser. But don't judge a book by its cover, OK?  Because although I'm no portrait, I'm the sweetest, gentlest cat you'll ever meet. I have never raised a paw in irritation!

Fefa is looking for her furrever home

FEFA IS LOOKING FOR HER FURREVER HOMEAffectionate baby Fefa (Josefina) was rescued by the Gatos de Lagos charity last year, and is now looking for her ‘furrever’ home. Currently aged about 7 or 8 months old, she loves playing with her toys and snoozing in the sunshine.

Introducing Didi the diva...

DIDI"Hi! I'm Didí! I've lived in the ADAPO cat shelter for two years, since my owner was evicted and we all became homeless.  I've always put up with the other cats here, but I don't care for them much, and I'd much prefer to be the only diva - sorry, cat in the household."

Mark is looking for a home of his own

MARK IS LOOKING FOR A HOME OF HIS OWN"Hi. Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Mark, named after one of the volunteers at the ADAPO cat shelter. I can't think why; I don't look like him one bit. But he likes to play with me and I'm fond of him."

Jambo Is Looking For A New Job

JAMBO IS LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB"Jambo! That's my name! I used to be in charge of a warehouse, along with my brother, Jimbo.  Then we were made redundant.

The Nandi Charity Shops

THE NANDI CHARITY SHOPSNandi was founded in 1996 by John and Doreen Piteleen, who, concerned about the number of stray cats and dogs in the Algarve, opened a small charity shop in Espiche, to raise funds for a sterilisation programme, veterinary treatment, and animal food. The enterprise is named after their first dog, Nandi (Afrikaans for beautiful) who turned up on their doorstep one day.

Item Donations Wanted For Bombeiros Algarve Auction

AlertaWould you like to help the Fire Fighters of the Algarve? If you draw, paint, sculpt, make anything professionally, or are willing to help by donating something for our charity Auction, please get in touch!