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GoldraQuite a positive couple of weeks on the hill. The flood of puppies seems to have almost dried up for the moment (one new arrival, see page 3), and the sickness has been overcome .....CLICK HERE to read more.


GoldraThe spring puppy avalanche is in full swing now at the Sanctuary. The good news is that all four of the ´A´ litter pups are now well and back in their section of the puppy pen. But That is not the end. Yesterday, yet another seven pups, with their mother, came to Goldra .....CLICK HERE to read more.


Cath Baker and Commander Paulo Tomás de Sousa e CostaWest Coast resident Cath Baker, who has raised thousands of Euros for charity has made another—more personal—donation to Portugal’s lifeboat service.
Cath, from Vale da Telha outside Aljezur, donated a scale model of a new lifeboat to the Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos, in a special ceremony at their HQ in Caixas, Lisbon.
She did so in memory of her late husband Peter, a lover of the sea, who died last year.

GoldraWith the coming of Spring — most welcome — attention turns to the events being organised to support Goldra in the coming weeks. So in this edition, details of those events take centre stage. From the regular monthly Lunch this coming Saturday, to the Spring Fair at São Brás, the next Dog-Walking Day and the Summer Festival, a lot is happening, and we need your support to make sure these events are a success—so read on!



ACCA gets it Eggsactly right!A sun-filled Easter Saturday in Quinta Shopping, brought out the creative talents in visiting kiddies as young as three

But it wasn’t just the children who delighted in painting their own Easter bunny face mask, or decorating eggs, or icing cup cakes… mums and dads, grans and gramps, joined in the fun and, in some instances, produced little works of art which, although not up to Faberge’s standard, certainly delighted onlookers.

REFOODEstoi Palace International Rotary Club and Re-Food Faro volunteered together as part of a special International Service event on March 28th, 2017. During the International Week of Service, held from March 25th to 31st, service clubs around the world were encouraged to partner together to make a bigger impact.

This service event allowed men and women to learn more about the respective work of Rotary Club of Estoi and of Re-Food in Faro, and how they are involved in their community. The project was hosted on Tuesday March 28th evening at the Re-Food Operation Center located in the middle of Faro.