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Goldra updateIf the last intro piece was gloomy, I´m afraid it doesn´t get much better. There is some good news, but sadly not at the Sanctuary itself. The mystery illness which has been affecting a number of the dogs, and especially the current spate of puppies, has been identified as Hepatitis C. Since the last newsletter, four pups have died and others are still very ill, with four more at the vet. The older dog, Mavis, which had just returned from the vet on my last visit, has also been put to sleep. Click HERE to read more.

OperationSHOCKAmbulanceThe OPERATION SHOCK campaign reached its goal this week, when the final four portable defibrillators were presented to the commanders of the Bombeiros Stations at Vila do Bispo, Monchique, Loulé and Vila Real de Santo António.

afpop’s CEO Michael Reeve and the association's president, Chris Ireland, presented the brand new equipment to the commanders at a short ceremony at the Portimão Bombeiros station, bringing an end to an ambitious campaign that has seen a portable defibrillator donated to  each of the seventeen Bombeiros Commands in the Algarve region.

Winner of 'Veteran over 8 years'  at Costa Vicentina Fun Dog Show 2018 The show was held Restaurant Vale Da Telha and Hugos Bar at the Pines Roundabout and was hosted by Friends of AEZA to raise funds for the dog and cat shelter in Aljezur. The show organiser Lynda said there are usually around 40-60 dogs and cats in the shelter with another 30-40 in foster care, all the dogs get walked three times a week by volunteers, The shelter also goes into local schools to educate the local children in animal care. A total of 56 dogs were entered into the various classes and the day began with an obedience and agility demonstration with the dogs and members from the Algarve Dog Training Club.

GoldraIt has been a wretched couple of weeks at Goldra. Last time I reported that one of the rescues from the hellhole has been put to sleep. Two more dogs lost their fight for life in that same week. Java, another of the rescues, and Bramble, an earlier resident, both died of heartworm infection. These events are very disheartening to those closest to the action, and Jan recorded cleaning out in tears last week. But that is only half the story. Please CLICK HERE to read the Goldra latest news. 
You can subscribe to our newsletter and find out more about sponsor and donation at http://thegoldradogsanctuary.com.

More Canine Capers On The West CoastThe fourth annual Costa Vicentina Fun Dog Show, which features competitions like the dog with the waggliest tail and the dog looking most like its owner, is to be held on Sunday, April 15th at Vale da Telha, Aljezur.
The show will be hosted on and between the terraced frontages of two neighbouring restaurants around the landmark Pines Roundabout, thanks to the hospitality of Jose Orelha at the Restaurante Vale da Telha and Hugo Nanitas of Hugo’s Bar.

GoldraVisiting Goldra this morning in the sunshine (!) it was hard to imagine what it must have been like last weekend in the midst of the storm. All have survived, and there is little damage, but this is just the surface. Dealing with situations like that takes it out of the humans on the Hill, but it also does no good for the four-footers. Just like us, they tend to be more ill in bad weather, and this adds both to the physical and the financial burden on the organisation, including the fact that some people are (fairly naturally) reluctant to turn out to walk the dogs in such atrocious conditions - but they still need the exercise. READ MORE 

Bill Mahoney presenting a rose to Maria Jose Pires, Deputy Director of the Algarve Oncology AssociationA very special Romantic Dinner was held at Restaurant Raízes on Feb 17th, elegantly organised by Christine with help from Heikki and Bill. Bill presented a beautiful red rose to each of the ladies, while musical entertainment in the form of romantic songs was provided by Carol, Uwe, Vitor and Richard. Raffle winners of bottles of bubbly, kindly donated by Christine, included club member, Jack. 

Superb food, such as Tender Confit of Black Pork, Amorous Fish Stew and Impetuous Pear Poached in Sexy Red Wine, was provided by chef Nuno Pinheiro and his excellent staff. The evening raised €750 for local causes.