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New General Manager at Espiche Golf, Portugal

Espiche GolfDirectors Welcome Luis Rocha as the New General Manager at Espiche Golf, Portugal.

The Directors of Espiche Golf are delighted to announce that highly experienced Golf and Hospitality Executive, Luis Miguel Rocha, has joined the Espiche Golf team as General Manager. His appointment reinforces their commitment to continue to invest in the quality of the team, service and facilities at Espiche Golf.

Computer and Graphic Design Apprenticeship programs available

Computer and Graphic Design Apprenticeship programs availableUKHost4u is looking for talented individuals in the Algarve to join their apprenticeship programs, working in either a Technical Support role, or as a Graphic Artist.

Times When We Need A Little Extra Help

Home Nursing & Healthcare Service Life can send unexpected events our way as we all know. We all strive to look after ourselves, to keep fit and healthy as far as we can, but when we experience unforeseen changes in our health we may need some extra help with our care, recovery and recuperation. Very often we have the opportunity to plan things and the health service, together with the support of partners, family and friends can look after all our needs.

But sometimes extra help is required to provide the care at home that is needed, especially when events are unexpected or when family and friends need that extra bit of support as well.

Vila Vita recognised in Tripadvisor Awards

Vila VitaVILA VITA Parc is delighted to announce that it has won recognition in three separate award categories at the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards. Recognised as one of the best Luxury Hotels and Hotels in Portugal and most importantly the 4th Best Hotel for Families in Portugal.

Ocean Restaurant is runner up in 6th Edition of the blog "Mesa Marcada" Awards

Hans Neuner at OceanAt the 6th edition of the Mesa Marcada blog awards ceremony, dozens of personalities from the culinary world gathered at the Vestigius Wine & Gin Bar. This is the second year that Duarte Calvão and Miguel Pires, authors of the gastronomic blog, publish the results of “Mesa Marcada´s 10 Top (Favourite) Restaurants and 10 Top (Favourite) Chefs”.

VILA VITA Parc´s Ocean Restaurant in the Algarve is runner up with second place in the Restaurant category, climbing one position from the previous year. Ocean´s Executive Chef Hans Neuner won 4th place for Top Chef, maintaining the same position as in 2013.

Open NOW in Vilamoura: Energise Sports Therapy, Health & Fitness Centre

Energise Sports Therapy, Health & Fitness.NEW Energise Sports Therapy, Health & Fitness. Your one-stop-shop for a healthy future.

Owners of Energise, Andy Harvey and Carin Carli will open their doors officially on Monday, 5th of January. 

Jan 1st IVA increase scrapped

taxPortugal has quietly dropped a proposal to raise its VAT rate from 23% to 23.25% on 1 January 2015.

Vila Vita Parc unveils new Penthouse Suites

Vila Vita Parc unveils new Penthouse SuitesAs part of the latest renovation of the Main Building, VILA VITA Parc has recently unveiled two exquisite Penthouse Suites commanding the top floor of the Main Building, with balconies offering breathtaking views over the manicured gardens and the Atlantic Ocean.