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Buy Spanish Foods in the UK at EuropaFood Online Store

BUY SPANISH FOODS IN THE UK AT EUROPAFOOD ONLINE STOREAnyone who has ever visited Spain or tasted its national cuisine will distinguish it from many others.

More to PIE than meets the eye!

MORE TO PIE THAN MEETS THE EYE!PIE Lagos is not just about pies! The ‘build your own pie’ concept is just one small part of what we do. We also strive to serve exciting and varied cuisine along with exceptional beverages, in a unique laid-back luxury atmosphere that you just cannot find elsewhere.

Palm Beach – Armação de Péra’s hidden gem

PALM BEACH – ARMAÇÃO DE PÉRA’S HIDDEN GEMFrom the time Palm Beach opened in 2017 the restaurant has been building on its reputation as one of the finest beachside eating venues in the region. Paulo and his team provide a first-class service in a relaxed and beautiful environment.

Red Wine vs. White Wine: Which Is Healthier?

RED WINE VS. WHITE WINE: WHICH IS HEALTHIER?Red and white wine offer varied health benefits despite sharing the same name and a relatively comparable nutritional composition. Both products are made from fermented grape juice.

Gran Sorvete - Luxurious handmade artisan gelato in Vilamoura

Gran SorveteGran Sorvete, based on Vilamoura Marina this is where to go for a cool atmosphere and mouthwatering tastes.

João Viegas is the new chef leading Atlântico restaurant

JOÃO VIEGAS IS THE NEW CHEF LEADING ATLÂNTICO RESTAURANTLocated at VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, Atlântico restaurant has reopened with chef João Viegas heading the kitchen, and remains highly focused on the Algarve, on its roots and gastronomic traditions, with a concept that recreates them in modern way.

Pairing Wine With Chocolate: Why Is It Worth Trying?

PAIRING WINE WITH CHOCOLATE: WHY IS IT WORTH TRYING?There is no combination more decadent than wine and chocolate. Both together are like manna from heaven, and they are some of the most romantic gifts you can give: better than the more traditional Valentine's Day combo of Prosecco and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Wine tasting with Nordic experts

WINE TASTING WITH NORDIC EXPERTSGOLFLAND restaurant in ALVOR held a wine tasting event on May 26th, mainly for Nordic and British connoisseurs. Many have already passed their companies on to their children, some continue to preside over the Board of Directors.