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Gran Sorvete - Luxurious handmade artisan gelato in Vilamoura

Gran SorveteGran Sorvete, based on Vilamoura Marina this is where to go for a cool atmosphere and mouthwatering tastes.

João Viegas is the new chef leading Atlântico restaurant

JOÃO VIEGAS IS THE NEW CHEF LEADING ATLÂNTICO RESTAURANTLocated at VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, Atlântico restaurant has reopened with chef João Viegas heading the kitchen, and remains highly focused on the Algarve, on its roots and gastronomic traditions, with a concept that recreates them in modern way.

Pairing Wine With Chocolate: Why Is It Worth Trying?

PAIRING WINE WITH CHOCOLATE: WHY IS IT WORTH TRYING?There is no combination more decadent than wine and chocolate. Both together are like manna from heaven, and they are some of the most romantic gifts you can give: better than the more traditional Valentine's Day combo of Prosecco and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Wine tasting with Nordic experts

WINE TASTING WITH NORDIC EXPERTSGOLFLAND restaurant in ALVOR held a wine tasting event on May 26th, mainly for Nordic and British connoisseurs. Many have already passed their companies on to their children, some continue to preside over the Board of Directors.

New 'NANA on the Beach' opens at Armação Beach Club

NEW 'NANA ON THE BEACH' OPENS AT ARMAÇÃO BEACH CLUBVila Vita Parc presents the new NANA on the Beach restaurant, at the Armação Beach Club, located on Praia de Armação de Pêra.

Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes That You Might Want to Try

ON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK RECIPES THAT YOU MIGHT WANT TO TRYSummertime is a great time to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks. There are so many recipes out there for delicious non-alcoholic drinks that you can make at home. This blog post will share some fan-favorite non-alcoholic drink recipes with you.

Vineyard Tasting Series # 1 - Great wines of the Algarve

MOVINEYARD TASTING SERIES -  # 1 / GREAT WINES OF THE ALGARVEIn the upcoming weeks Morgado do Quintão’s Wine Club will be launched. The very 1st event for prospective members will take place on March 18th at 18:30h, with a collection of special tastings led by in-house sommelier with wines from all over Portugal and beyond.

Why are CBD Edibles Getting Popular Among Teens?

WHY ARE CBD EDIBLES GETTING POPULAR AMONG TEENS?Many teens have tried CBD, and some of them use it regularly. Teens' CBD use is high, and kids today are more likely to use CBD than tobacco. CBD edibles are available for many benefits, say - CBD Edibles for sleep and more.