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Algarve Wine Guide

Algarve Wine GuideThe wines of the Algarve are as good as the best wines that are produced in otherwine-producing areas of Portugal, in fact they are just as good as many other wines produced in wine-growing countries that are well-known worldwide for the excellence of their wines.

8 Spellbinding Secrets About Wine That You Need To Know

8 Spellbinding Secrets About Wine That You Need To KnowAre you a wine lover? There are several secrets about wine that every wine lover must know. Wine bottles usually have a very little description that is insufficient to understand its features.

How Do Quality Alcoholic Beverages Retain Their Taste and Become Even Better With Time?

HOW DO QUALITY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES RETAIN THEIR TASTE AND BECOME EVEN BETTER WITH TIME?A lot of people enjoy alcoholic beverages day in and day out, however, how many of us truly understand the science behind how alcohol is created, preserved, and aged?

NEW Lagos Restaurant - Craft beer, cocktails & custom-made pies in a unique ‘laid-back luxury’ setting

NEW LAGOS RESTAURANT - CRAFT BEER, COCKTAILS & CUSTOM-MADE PIES IN A UNIQUE ‘LAID-BACK LUXURY’ SETTINGLocated in the centre of Lagos, PIE Lagos offers craft beer, cocktails, custom-made pies and more in a unique 'laid-back luxury' setting, including a fabulous outdoor terrace area.

Portuguese wine exports on the increase

Portuguese wine exports on the increaseExports of Portuguese wine seem unaffected by the pandemic as last year sales increased by 3.3% to €846 million. According to numbers from the national statistics institute (INE), sales to the United Kingdom were up 26.9%, 26.5% in Brazil, and 13.5% in the US in terms of volume.

“Cities of Wine 2020” contest deadline extended due to increased interest

“CITIES OF WINE 2020” CONTEST DEADLINE EXTENDEDThe “Cities of Wine 2020” contest will take place in Lagoa from 26 to 29 November. It is subsequently included in the European Competition Città del Vino, to be held in May 2021 in Italy.

The Best BBQ-ing Technology

THE BEST BBQ-ING TECHNOLOGYKeeping up with the state of the art technologies is a tough job but it can make a huge difference when it comes to our daily chores, especially when it comes to cooking!

A Different Dining Experience In The Algarve

Herve and ValerieDiplomatico Restaurant in Quarteira is a new French bistro that offers a different dining experience in the Algarve.
Herve and Valerie, from France, took over this restaurant last October and have reopened late February with a brand new decoration and a different menu.