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Going Vegan

Going VeganVegan might be considered trendy eating right now, but if you are new to it how much have you discovered while at home and in the Kitchen? Veganism is a plant-based diet that excludes any animal-derived products such as meat, poultry, fish, honey, eggs and dairy products. If you are flirting with the idea of giving up your gluten-free pizza, know that for true vegans, there are hidden animal by-products in foods that you would not consider. Jell-o, marshmallows and the humble gummy bear all contain gelatin, derived from animal collagen. Have you thought about what goes into your glass of vinho? We all know that wine is made from grapes but what happens between the time they are picked off the vines during Harvest and before they end up in your wine glass? Clarifying agents derived from casein (milk protein), albumin (egg whites), gelatin (animal protein) and isinglass (fish protein) are often used when making wine and even brewing beer. 

Drink Up And Enjoy

Drink Up And EnjoyJustin O’Hanlon, newest recruit to the AlgarvePLUS magazine team, is an experienced sommelier and, together with his business partner chef Jonnie Pratt, he runs No Contact Catering. In the first of his regular wine columns, he chooses a theme that is entirely appropriate to today’s climate.

Lagoa link in crisis food chain

Lagoa link in crisis food chainIt is vital that the food supply chain in Europe continue to operate as efficiently as possible, and a Lagoa-based farming company is an example of how this can be done with a minimum of disruption despite the coronavirus pandemic.
The food chain in Europe is still struggling, but the company Schroll Flavours is going from strength to strength on its farms on either side of Lagoa growing, harvesting and exporting crops without too many coronavirus-related problems.

Social quarantine, with fine wine delivered to your door

Social quarantine, with fine wine delivered to your doorAt Prime Wine we know how difficult times are, and standing in queues is not ideal. So, to enable you to stay in we will deliver wines to your front door, with no physical contact.

We have selected forty eight of our most popular wines from our portfolio for you to choose from on our online store. Simply go to prime-wine.pt and order.

Six Senses Douro Valley Unveils Major Expansion

Six Senses Douro Valley premiers its new Vineyard Wing to greatly Six Senses Douro Valley Unveils Major Expansionenhance the wine estate with seven suites, three additional guest rooms and a meeting and event space accommodating up to 70 people. The 19th century manor house and surrounds, located in Lamego in northern Portugal, is set on a UNESCO World Heritage site within the world’s oldest demarcated wine region.


https://algarvedailynews.com/food-wine/17711-profit-bread-for-lifeWe are led to buy standard food, harmful to health. In order to boost production and make a profit for expensive TV advertising or to support politicians, plants are far away from the consumer. Supermarket chains sell bread with a long shelf life. Or bake cheapest breads on site.

Private Chef experience SUPPER STARS turns your home in the Algarve into the best restaurant

Private Chef experience SUPPER STARSWith over 100 professional chefs in Portugal, Spain and in the United Kingdom, SUPPER STARS brings a talented brigade of world class private chefs to serve up gourmet gastronomic experiences in homes across the Algarve.

Chef Hans Neuner of Ocean Restaurant (2 ** Michelin) ranked among the 25 best restaurants in the world in La Liste 2020

Chef Hans Neuner of Ocean RestaurantOcean Restaurant (2**), located at VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa in the Algarve and led by Chef Hans Neuner since 2007 - has just been listed among the 25 best restaurants in the world according to La Liste 2020.