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Do You Always Mean What You Say?

DO YOU ALWAYS MEAN WHAT YOU SAY?Waiting for a bus, I'm burning to death in this heat.  To make matters worse, I'm dying of thirst.  And I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.  It doesn't help that my feet are killing me and my briefcase weighs a ton.  An earlier bus took forever to arrive, so that was a non-starter.  At least it isn't raining cats and dogs.

Can I Claim It On Expenses?

CAN I CLAIM IT ON EXPENSES?Everyone likes to receive a reward now and then, it's not an ambition restricted only to bounty hunters.  There is an assortment of bounties for a range of folks, neither pun intended.   

Have You Broken Any Laws Lately?

HAVE YOU BROKEN ANY LAWS LATELY?There are some crimes you aren't aware you are committing, and we are told that ignorance of the law is no excuse, so most of us are probably criminals, technically at least.  I'm hoping it's technically in your case as well as mine.

New Airport?

NEW AIRPORT?For decades there have been plans to build a second airport to serve Lisbon. What would cost a half billion at that time is now estimated to be four million euros, I guess five.

Upsetting the Natural Order of Things

UPSETTING THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGSPandemics aren't the only things that can seem to turn the whole world upside down.  Or topsy-turvy, as we might describe it, if this were a cartoon for children.  (Don't say it!)  

The Collapse of the EU - Part 2

THE COLLAPSE OF THE EU - PART 2Many people are surprised by the hate between leaders and extremists, as in Brazil, Ukraine and Korea. In many countries, as in Sweden, Austria, the UK, governments do not have sufficient support in the parliament to make true what they promised in their election-campaigns. They and banks lie about the future.

Driving license exchange - round and round in circles!

DRIVING LICENSE EXCHANGE - ROUND AND ROUND IN CIRCLES!I applied to exchange my driving license in 2020. I emailed the required form and received an email receipt and waited.  Then COVID, so I waited. Then I heard there was a backlog, so I waited some more.

Airport chaos at Faro

AIRPORT CHAOS AT FAROI am resident of Portugal. I have a UK passport. Last Thursday, Nov 3rd, I flew from Faro to the UK -  the queue for passport check went three times around the departure area !