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The Future of Algarve/Alentejo

Algarve and AlentejoThe world is changing quite fast but it seems as most politicians think, as Algarve and Alentejo are paradises, nothing must change. In my book ALGARVE / ALENTEJO – MY LOVE I wrote about this paradise, but also warned for certain trends which could ruin it.

Legacy of an Ukranian immigrant

LEGACY OF AN UKRANIAN IMMIGRANTThousands of Ukrainians are coming to Portugal. Emigration has been normal in hundred years, to many countries.

Is Bribery Sometimes Useful?

IS BRIBERY SOMETIMES USEFUL?I was skimming lazily (is that possible?) through the 10th anniversary edition of World Bribery Digest recently, and was delighted to discover the following sentence in the Introduction: "I hope you continue to find Bribery useful in your work." (I loved that word 'continue'.)

Legacy of an Ukrainian immigrant

LEGACY OF AN UKRAINIAN IMMIGRANTThousands of Ukrainians are coming to Portugal. Emigration has been normal in hundred years, to many countries. Izidor Soifer was introspective. He read a lot, listened to music, opera and motivated his children Mery & Jack to read, listen, analyze, understand other ethnicities and groups and reflect on the reasons for the behaviours, the occurrences.

Pandemic-speak is Universal

PANDEMIC-SPEAK IS UNIVERSALCertain words and phrases spring into prominence during emergencies.  In the recent past we have been subjected to sound bites on breakfast TV and tiers before bedtime. So many that they have become platitudes. But good things no longer come to those who wait and time doesn't heal all wounds.  As Shakespeare pointed out, we have all seen better days.

André Gomes and magic Algarve

André GomesSummer in the Algarve has thousands of activities. André Gomes took seat as president of RTA, Algarve´s Tourism Board. All presidents for Algarve business´ associations and those of major associations where there, as well many of hotel-chains directors.

Magic Portugal, Magic Algarve

MAGIC PORTUGAL, MAGIC ALGARVESummer in Portugal and more so in the Algarve has thousands of activities. It seems all counties wish to compete with others arranging fests almost at the same time.

Generics & Local Herbs

GENERICS & LOCAL HERBSI read that the pharma cartel in Portugal dropped the import/sales of Generics by 35%, as none pay royalties after ten years and they can be manufactured by any lab. Those Generics, cost around half of patented drugs, giving to pharma cartel a profit of around 10%, instead of normal 40%.