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EU & Portugal Need Strength

EU & Portugal Need StrengthIn this time of chaos we need firmness and expertise, even at the expense of unpopularity. It is time for statesmen, such as Churchill, Sá Carneiro and Golda Meyer. Finance is not an end, but a means for citizenship. It must have less power then Health, Education and Economy.


BEST PRACTICES: ECONOMY, NO SPECULATIONEconomy comes from the Greek, Oikos, which means home. It is about managing a farm, an activity not just for you; then to the next and even on to customers. This more or less formal science exists for 4000 years, with regional trade, where people could no longer just trade goods, China used bronze objects as currency. Later they introduced silver or gold coins, the weight of which represented the value of the goods sold.

Dogs, cats and a few other points...

Readers views...I love Portugal and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but one bother is stray dogs and cats. When we arrived here six years ago, hunters shot dead my neighbour’s beloved 14 year old cat and dumped a dog inside our fence. I phoned a local pet help group who came immediately, collected the dog, treated a cyst that had probably worried the hunter-owner, and rehomed it.

Stray dogs of Sri Lanka with possible Portuguese DNA

Standard non pedigreed, stray dog in Sri LankaThis is a line of thought with reference to a ‘somewhat humorous’ newspaper report published on the ‘Srilankan island’ newspaper of 7th February 2020 by which a stray dog had carried a pistol concealed in a bag to a policeman thereby preventing a murder!

What winds you up on a daily basis?

Readers views...We all have our 'triggers' in daily life - things that really rile us. Someone standing too close behind you in a queue? People parking over the white lines in a busy car park?... what really gets your goat?

Please comment below, or visit our Facebook page HERE if you have an opinion, or thoughts regarding this subject.



Scared of “dying in Portuguese jail”... sympathy or no sympathy?

Readers views...British pensioner Susan Clarke, who smuggled over 1 million euros of cocaine on to a cruise ship is scared she will die in jail after finding a lump in her breast....do you have sympathy for her?

Legalising Euthanasia In Portugal - Are You For Or Against It?

Readers views...Thousands protest outside parliament against bills to legalise euthanasia in Portugal  - Are You For Or Against It?

The National Health System In Portugal - what are your views?

Readers views...In the news this week we saw a protest outside Portimão hospital, against the decline of clinical services in the SNS. What are your experiences of the National Health System of Portugal?