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Magic Portugal, Magic Algarve

MAGIC PORTUGAL, MAGIC ALGARVESummer in Portugal and more so in the Algarve has thousands of activities. It seems all counties wish to compete with others arranging fests almost at the same time.

Generics & Local Herbs

GENERICS & LOCAL HERBSI read that the pharma cartel in Portugal dropped the import/sales of Generics by 35%, as none pay royalties after ten years and they can be manufactured by any lab. Those Generics, cost around half of patented drugs, giving to pharma cartel a profit of around 10%, instead of normal 40%.

Some Maps Aren't All That Reliable

SOME MAPS AREN'T ALL THAT RELIABLECities outgrow maps, and various countries try to do the same.  World maps in the past really should have been drawn in pencil, with an eraser attached.

Blowing One's Own Trumpet

BLOWING ONE'S OWN TRUMPETAs I stride tentatively towards my 77th birthday, it's beginning to look like I will live forever, which makes me wish I had stopped paying those crippling life insurance policy payments years ago.

Stop Putting Words in My Mouth!

STOP PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH!Somewhere in England, there is a ventriloquist buried with his puppet.  I'm not sure of the exact location, and obviously neither of them is going to tell me now.  Do they still speak to one another, I wonder?

Will Prince Charming Be Welcome?

WILL PRINCE CHARMING BE WELCOME?A famous man... I'll be forgetting my own name next... once said, "I can stand anything except a succession of indistinguishable days."  Sounds like he wouldn't cope well with lockdowns.   

I'll Stick to my Grandfather Clock

I'LL STICK TO MY GRANDFATHER CLOCKOn the edge of a black hole in space, time stops.  If we move away after a few minutes, a million years might have elapsed in the rest of the universe.  I know what you're thinking, and it sounds crazy to me as well.  There must be lots of mad scientists roaming around avoiding captivity.

There's Trouble in Store

THERE'S TROUBLE IN STOREWorking in a large organisation must be quite depressing at times.  Just think - whenever a famous person dies, someone at Wikipedia has to change all the verbs into the past tense.  While fighting back tears, if they admired the deceased. Is there such a publication as Who Was Who?