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Portugal and Spain should merge?

Readers views...In the news this week, the Mayor of Porto suggested “Spain and Portugal should merge.” We'd like to hear your thoughts on this. 

What are your opinions on the Portuguese Public Transport service? Economical? Punctual?

Readers views...We'd like to hear about your experiences. What are your opinions on the Portuguese Public Transport service? Economical? Punctual?

In our experience we have found it to well priced and fairly punctual - certainly on par with other countries we have visited.

Please comment below, or visit our Facebook page HERE if you have some feedback, or your own experiences regarding this subject.



Special Assistance at Faro Airport - what are your experiences?

Readers views...We'd like to hear about your experiences. Have you used the Special Assistance service at Faro? In your experience, is it better or worse than other airports?

Have you incurred huge fines for missed A22 toll payments?

Readers views...We'd like to hear about your experiences. Do you know of, or have you heard of huge fines being imposed on people for unpaid A22 tolls?

Situation Normal...

Situation Normal...The No.19 bus has always started at the Polk shipyard, leaving local sleepers in their tents. It then speeds along Evans to the junction with 3rd street, the place where we, the 20 year visitors, wait to swipe our cards. At this point the bus is virtually empty. Only a trickle of the local variety are present. Ten minutes later we are full and we have reached the "Projects." The bus was half-full with a variety of age and local beauty.

Portugal staying on course

Portugal staying on courseThe centuries-old Anglo-Portuguese alliance is sure to continue even though the United Kingdom looks like it will soon be saying farewell to Portugal and the other 26 member states of the European Union.

Generally regarded as the world’s oldest alliance still in force, it was signed in 1386 between the Kingdom of Portugal and the Kingdom of England. The name “United Kingdom” only came into being centuries later.

Readers Comments' - Guidelines

Readers Comments - Guidelinesalgarvedailynews.com invites readers to express opinions and engage in discussions with one another by leaving comments on our news items. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a welcoming environment for all readers.

We review comments and reserve the right to remove or edit content before or after posting.

Postal woes - a reader Wrights

cttcounterI thought you would be interested to hear about an important letter that was posted in Agoz that took almost 3 weeks to arrive at its final destination in the UK via a journey to Frankfurt, then onto Helsinki followed by a visit to Langley distribution centre in Vancouver Canada, writes algarvedailynews.com reader Graham Wright.

Due to the Brexit situation, my wife has decided to apply for an Irish passport. To be able to do this the original parent birth certificate had to provided and sent to Lisbon. The passport was processed and the important documents duly returned the Algarve.