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Who We Are: The Code of Creation

Who We Are: The Code of CreationFew know the business of transforming lives better that Lisbon healer Susana Cor de Rosa. Her life-changing guide Who We Are: The Code of Creation is now on its third print edition in her native Portugal.
And now the uplifting book which links science, healing and spirituality has been published in English.

A love for history takes him in search of a language legacy

Lisbon to Colombo by Sujeeva NugawilaIt was a long-lost love that he has been able to rekindle, which has now taken the form of a book…and it is no ordinary book but one that has dived deep into the past to place under scrutiny numerous words that are very much a part of daily use in Sri Lanka.

For Sujeeva Nugawila, it has somewhat been like ‘parangiya kotte giya wage’ (like the Portuguese went to Kotte). The journey has been arduous and time-consuming but the culmination is ‘Lisbon to Colombo – A Study of Portuguese sounding words in the Sinhala Language’.

INTRUSION - new crime thriller by Réal Laplaine

INTRUSION - new crime thriller by Réal LaplaineMake a pot of coffee or get a large glass of wine and get ready to stay up late!
Netherworld Books, Somerset England, has just published INTRUSION – A KEENO CRIME THRILLER NOVEL, by author Réal Laplaine.

INTRUSION is the first in a series of unique crime thrillers based on a Canadian crime fighter, Keeno McCole, who heads up the Royal Canadian Mounted Police anti-terrorism unit. He’s no suave James Bond. McCole is a tough Canadian with an attitude and he doesn’t give criminals a second chance. You cross paths with him and you’ll be sorry you did.

A European comedy about dreams, trust and sausages...

“The Clean Up”The Clean Up” is a new book from a new author, set around an unnamed town in the central Algarve (could it be Albufeira?). It follows the daily trials and tribulations of an immigrant chef, unwittingly caught up in a mysterious sting, aimed at defrauding a pair of foreign businessmen with an eye on a quick buck.

Take a ride with the Conquistadors

Take a ride with the ConquistadorsIf all you know about the conquistadors is what you learned in school, or if you’re the type who finds an excursion into their times irresistible, then a new book entitled Conquistador Voices (Spruce Tree Press, Oct. 2015) may be for you.

In this two-volume set written for the general reader, author Kevin H. Siepel takes you on the expeditions of five European explorers or conquistadors, using - to a greater extent than usual in historical works - the writings of the expedition participants themselves, allowing them to tell their own version of events, and supplying connecting narrative in the manner of a film documentary. The book therefore reads not as a dry, standard history book, but rather as a series of cohesive, lively stories told by the men who were there.

Expats publish sequel to Portugal-based crime novel

The Cocaine RevengeTwo expats living in Lisbon have published their second crime novel. And once again, a substantial part of the action and the plot takes place in Portugal - this time, in the Algarve.

Axel Bugge and Barry Hatton, both senior foreign correspondents, write fiction together under the pseudonym Axel G. Barry.
They achieved their first success with “Lisbon Water Kills”, published in 2013, which took readers into the murky and deadly underworld of international finance during the European debt crisis. It featured colourful scenes in Lisbon and the Alentejo.

The Adventures of Flossy by Karl Bradshaw-White

The Adventures of Flossy by Karl Bradshaw-WhiteAlgarve author Karl Bradshaw-White will have his debut children’s book published this month.

‘The Adventures of Flossy’ is a charming, lightly humorous story of a naïve but rather vain dragonfly called Flossy! Flossy the dragonfly spends the day flying about, saying hello to lots of different animals, including the very loud bullfrog Morris, the beautiful but ever-so-busy kingfisher, some not very bright sheep and Horace the pig. What unpleasant eating habits they have!

Touching Lives: Remarkable People and Places in the Western Algarve

Touching Lives: Remarkable People and Places in the Western AlgarveThe book launch of ‘Touching Lives: Remarkable People and Places in the Western Algarve” went really well at Lagos Cultural Centre on Tuesday 10th November.  There were lots of people including Portuguese, English, Scandinavians, French, Dutch and Romanians - a veritable cross cultural event.

Many of the people I had written about were there, with market people offering regional delicacies and organic wine from a local vineyard Monte da Casteleja.