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The One - A Keeno Crime Thriller Novel

The OneCanada's toughest crime-fighter, Keeno McCole, and his RCMP team, are called in to investigate the murder of a young woman who turns out to be the niece of the Prime Minister of Canada. The investigation leads them into the depths of domestic terrorism, a cult, and a trail of dead bodies, and Keeno’s greatest challenge yet, in this 3rd novel in the Keeno Crime Thriller Series – now available!

"Saudades Mr No Ears" book released

"Saudades Mr No Ears" book releasedReleased on July 27th 2017, the much-awaited book about the life of a very special street cat from Albufeira, Portugal called Mr No Ears.

"Saudades MR NO EARS" is written by Carol Lee in collaboration with a small working group, with contributions from Mr No Ears’ huge fan base.

The publishing costs of the book were raised through a successful crowdfunding campaign via New York based ‘Kickstarter’.

Expat English teacher’s stunning debut novel

The Brotherhood of EdenAn ambitious Scottish teacher hopes his stunning debut novel about ancient civilisations will help bring peace in today’s troubled times.

Duncan Colquhoun was inspired to write The Brotherhood of Eden after seeing photographs of the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu. His gripping thriller takes readers back to the beginnings of civilisation following a modern-day murder.
Duncan, who teaches English in Portugal, hopes the message of his first book won’t be lost on his growing number of readers.

Free Trevor Burton novels on Kindle

Free Trevor Burton novels on Kindle

Trevor was born in Manchester now divides his time between Cheshire and the Algarve, Portugal. He began writing detective fiction after a career in finance.

Set mainly in Manchester, UK, the sleuth, the Gent, usually gets caught up in crime mysteries with Greater Manchester Police Inspector, Bill Lambert, a long-time associate from Sandhurst.

Get Trevor's novels Troubled Waters and Tangled Roots on Kindle free, on Amazon.

Earth Escape - Free limited copies available now!

Earth EscapeAn epic and thrilling space odyssey!  A voyage to the stars, takes Jim Tale, the captain of the starship Evolution, on a metaphysical trek to the edge of the universe in search of a new home for humanity and the answers to our existence.

With the release of EARTH ESCAPE, my newest novel, a philosophical sci-fi space thriller, I am offering a limited-time FREE copy of the book as part of the release campaign. This offer expires soon. The only request to those receiving the free copy is that you take the time to post your review of the book to Amazon at this link: WRITE A REVIEW.

EARTH ESCAPE by Réal Laplaine

EARTH ESCAPE by Réal LaplaineNOW RELEASED! An epic and thrilling space odyssey!

A voyage to the stars, takes Jim Tale, the captain of the starship Evolution, on a metaphysical trek to the edge of the universe in search of a new home for humanity and the answers to our existence.

Available in paperback and eBook at Amazon (.com, UK, ca, etc.) or other on-line book retailers.

W: www.booksbyreallaplaine.com
E: real.laplaine@booksbyreallaplaine.com

Two Months in Summer by Eleanor Michael

Two Months in SummerA gripping fictional story of love and separation, inspired by personal, political and historical events, set within two months of major upheaval in the Mediterranean paradise of Cyprus.

Review: Wolfram Wars - Exposing the Secret Battle in Portugal

Review: Wolfram Wars - Exposing the Secret Battle in PortugalI looked forward to reading this book, since it is a subject I know something of and I expected to learn more about Portuguese exports of wolfram during World War 2. This slim volume, however, (147 pages, of which 127 are text) devotes only about a quarter of its pages to the story of wolfram. I felt as I read in the first half of the book about traditional industries in Portugal, and the activities of the Marquês de Pombal, (who said after the Earthquake, Bury the dead and feed the living) that the author was either padding out his story or he had lost his way. On page 6, he writes that Bartolomeu Dias (in 1488) and Vasco da Gama (in 1498) enjoyed the royal backing of Prince Henry the Navigator (who had died in 1460). Much more important for the impetus given to the discoveries in the 1490s was D João II, who is practically unknown and unsung outside Portugal. There is much more to the enclave of Goa than the island of Goa which most certainly does not lie off the coast of India.