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‘Living the Dream – in the Algarve, Portugal’

Living The Dream - In the Algarve, PortugalThe story of one couple’s move from the UK to live in the sun. From propositioning a builder, to battling bureaucracy, and adapting to a slower pace of life in the sunshine; this is the refreshingly honest and often hilarious account of one couple’s move from the rainy UK to the sunny Algarve in Portugal.

UK Author Releases Third Book, the Second Installment in His New Crime Thriller Series

The faro Forger by Trevor HolmanLondon native Trevor Holman follows up his 2018 hit, The Mijas Murderer, with his most recent publication - The Faro Forger. This sequel re-introduces us to Michael Turner as he attempts to return to a regular life with his fiancé, Dr. Samantha Clark, only to be pulled into another major Interpol case; this time to locate the nefarious Faro Forger.

“Libraries Outdoors” takes students from Primary Schools to the heart of Quarteira

“Libraries Outdoors” takes students from Primary Schools to the heart of QuarteiraBook swaps, creative writing, inclusive storytelling, stories from around the world, puppet shows, origami, illustration of poetry, a sock puppet workshop, a mobile library and a book tasting restaurant could all be found on this week on Vasco da Gama street, Quarteira, as part of an event organised by Loulé’s Library Network (RBCL).

Insights into Adventure, Mystery and Intriguing Personalities throughout the History of the Algarve

lenpictureThe revised and updated third edition of People in a Place Apart is now available in both digital and print form from amazon.co.uk.

The paperback edition can be bought locally in the bookshop in the main plaza of the Vale do Lobo resort. Other bookshops in the Algarve are expected to stock it soon.

Finding "Perfect" People - a hiring manual for everyone

Finding "Perfect" People - a hiring manual for everyoneDon't let the title of this book deceive you. There are no "perfect" people when it comes to hiring. There are just people.

"Perfection" in terms of hiring is a false paradigm.  People are not born in a matrix. Consequently, their true potentiality is not measured by arbitrary algorithms.

10 Pillars For Successful Leadership

10 Pillars For Successful LeadershipIs leadership a matter of personality? Are we born with the ability? Or is it a matter of learning how to do it?

Why do nations, businesses and groups choose the wrong people to lead them, and is there a way to measure and predict the quality of leadership? How valuable would it be to the success of our lives if we could better understand the subject and know the markers of good, bad and indifferent leadership? This book is for everyone - because everyone is affected by the quality of leadership in our world.

Can Faro get its stolen books back?

essexRenewed efforts are being made to recover the unique collection of books plundered from Faro by a British military force more than 400 years ago and kept ever since at the University of Oxford.

The Faro 1540 Association is at the heart of a request for the return of what it regards as an historical, cultural and symbolic treasure.

The Other - a brand new sci-fi and psychological thriller by Real Laplaine

The Other - the brand new sci-fi and psychological thriller by Real LaplaineA recurring nightmare. An alien object discovered off the coast of Ireland. A race to unlock its secrets. Global warming strikes.
Caught in the eye of the storm, Kaetlyn O’Sullivan is faced with her past life and decisions which could change the course of humanity.