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Aljezur; The Heart Of Costa VicentinaAfter a four-year journey through the history and the landscape of Aljezur two gifted men, photographer and writer, have produced the most stunningly exquisite illustrated book about the area in which we live: “Aljezur; The Heart Of Costa Vicentina”.

Described as “the book of Aljezur” and presented as “an expression of love for our home”, the impressive publication was unveiled at a ceremony in the town’s civic HQ on Friday.

Tangled Roots by Trevor BurtonTangled Roots is the second detective mystery from Trevor Burton featuring enigmatic sleuth the Gent. The story follows the quest of an American, Brad Johnson to find his lost inheritance His father had been a Sergeant in the US air force in World War II based at Burtonwood, near Warrington.

Set in Greater Manchester, birthplace of the Author, and in particular Stockport, the author draws on his knowledge of the city and his experience of business and executorship, to reveal the trials faced by many in situations where relatives die intestate. The story follows the further complexities where murder, blackmail and embezzlement ensue.

Twilight Visitor - new Thriller by Réal LaplaineAuthor, Real Laplaine, has just seen the international publication of his newest book, TWILIGHT VISITOR – through the British publishing house Netherworld Books.

TWILIGHT VISITOR is a global thriller, with a compelling contemporary and convoluted plot. The book encompasses two stories, which come together as one, and all in a 24 hour period.

The Kings in the KasbahLocal English resident, Maggi Smith who has lived in the Algarve for 31 years has recently published her first novel.

The Kings in the Kasbah, which is set in Marrakech, Morocco and tells the tale of a widely conflicting group of people who are thrown together when the owner of their guesthouse goes out for an hour and doesn't return.

Countdown to Terror by Trevor BurtonThe ultimate race against the clock is on to protect the London Olympics from an impending terrorist attack in this dangerous and exhilarating thriller. During the spring of 2012, against the backdrop of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and in the build-up to the London Olympics, a group of idealistic  young men are being prepared to form an Islamist terrorist cell in Manchester. Second generation immigrants living in the UK, the men are ‘ordinary guys’ who become manipulated by their mentor, Ibrahim, an immigrant cleric from Baghdad, with a penchant for militancy, and his bodyguard Hussein, a callous man from a small village in Afghanistan.

Clouds og Guilt by Sally hope JohnsonThis is the second novel by Sally Hope Johnson, an author and human resources manager who spends as much time as she can in her beloved Algarve. She is married, has two grown-up children, and one cat. She writes in her spare time and has produced many short stories, some winning prizes locally and nationally. Sally is an active member of the Thames Valley Writers’ Circle in Berkshire, England. Her ambition is to write a best seller and win more prizes. Dreams do sometimes come true…

Moving to Portugal by Ben and Louise TaylorMany people go on holiday to a beautiful sun-drenched location and say “I wish we lived here.” Louise and Ben Taylor decided to take the plunge and make their dream a reality, relocating from the UK to Portugal three years ago.

Documenting their life-changing experience, their new book, ‘Moving to Portugal’ is a warm and witty tale of why, when and how this upwardly mobile central London couple decided to throw the towel in and set up shop in the sun dappled haven of Tavira in the Algarve.