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People in a place apart by Len Port

People in a place apart by Len PortA friend told me about this book and i was intrigued, as Len Port is a very well known name in literary circles here.
I thoroughly enjoyed his previous books: "Get to Know the Algarve" and "Algarve on Wheels". How would this one be different? Well, boy is it different!

This latest work is filled with information gleaned from over 30 years of writing here - packed with colourful characters who have passed through the Algarve since the dawn of history: outrageous royals, illustrious admirals, romantic writers, dictators, sports stars, air aces, animal activists, fugitives, musical maestros, victims and villains.

'Used Book Sale' by popular demand

 Used Book SaleAlthough the Griffin Bookshop in Almancil has now closed, Linda is running (by popular demand) a Used Book Sale during the 3rd week of every month, from Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm each day.

The sales take place at the furniture shop 'Lirio do Campo', which is located approximately 100 metres on the left of the Quarteira road from the Quatro Estradas roundabout.

Linda will be accepting used books for credit - although limited to one carrier bag of books at a time as space is limited! She looks forward to seeing many familiar faces.


Creative Writing Workshops in Monchique


Lisa SelvidgeLisa Selvidge lives in the Monchique mountains where she writes and teaches creative writing. As well as teaching online courses for the University of East Anglia, Oxford and York, she runs monthly writing workshops at the Bica Boa Inn, Monchique.

There are two workshops, each an hour and a half long, one fiction (for those who like making things up) and the other is memoirs (for those who want to write their life stories).

The Crying Game by Patrick Street

 The Crying Game by Patrick StreetOn the 25th March 1807, The British Parliament passed The Slave Trade Act, a bill that made slavery illegal throughout the British Empire. To the shame of all of us, slavery still goes on, continuing not only within the confines of the old Empire but in all parts of the world where money is king and humanity a less valuable, but eminently tradable commodity. Today it’s called Human Trafficking, but it's slavery, pure and simple.

The Long Game by Patrick Street

 The Long GameThe Good Friday Agreement which heralded a new dawn for the people of Ulster is, for all practical purposes, functioning more or less as intended. Republicans and Loyalists are sitting side by side at Stormont and, apart from the odd family tiff, things are slowly changing for the better.

In London, although it had taken a massive load of the shoulders of the security services, many bulwarks of the establishment were less than happy with the numerous, apparently, random acts of appeasement performed by the Government: none less enamoured than the head of Britain’s Secret Services, Sir Rodney Parr. His distaste becomes more acute when he is summoned to a meeting with the Cabinet Secretary, who has orders directly from the Prime Minister.

Captain Duffie and the Search for Nelson's Trousers by Patrick Street

Captain Duffie and the Search for Nelson's TrousersIn early 2004, Captain Ignatius Duffie and his motley crew of HMS Blackwater were approaching the end of the 200 years banishment to the nautical hereafter. The sentence handed down at their court-martial in 1806 for executing one of the worst blunders in the annals of the Royal Navy.

The sinking of herself and another Navy vessel in the same incident! Considering they were all ghosts anyway, all in all it hadn’t been a bad experience; especially the last fifty years, spent wiling away their time in a sleepy harbour on the east coast of England.

Meet the Conditions by Robert Lee Horttor

Meet the Conditions by Robert Lee HorttorA man with roots in depression era Oklahoma shares a few of his experiences.

Every man who walks this planet casts a shadow – a shadow of influence that affects those around him. Sometimes for good. Sometimes for bad. This book reflects the shadow cast by a man who came to know the grace of God and learned to live life through the prism of that grace. 

With candor, Bob shares events and experiences, reflections of ministry and people he's met – real happenings taken out of real life. Bob's story, both the humorous and serious parts will bless you. Too, you will see how God can use an individual who yields to Him. Bob Horttor is a musician, a song writer, a witness for   Christ, and a preacher of the Gospel.

December Moon by Suzy Turner

December Moon by Suzy TurnerWow Wow Wow, I don't even know where to begin with this review, so let me start here. Usually I am very skeptical when it comes to reading books with a paranormal aspect and I think that it's because they are so far-fetched in regards to reality that I have a hard time connecting with the characters, but this book changed that for me for sure.

In fact, i'm going as far as to say that THIS IS the BEST paranormal YA book that i've ever read.