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Structural changes needed

parliamentEdited by Fernando Alexandre, Investimento Empresarial is written by Economy professors at the Universities of Minho and Coimbra. It is not only about the Algarve, but explains some problems that we face. It urges structural improvements. It says that between 2001 and 2007, investment in Portugal was the lowest in the eurozone. The crisis has brought it to a minimum in many decades.


The authors emphasise that the EU, "required public policies to boost competitiveness and a financial system to direct capital to tradable sectors,” but that it, "directed resources to the non-tradable sectors, protected from international competition,” (p.9). It resulted in high public and private indebtedness.

Moving new novel inspired by true story

Moving new novel inspired by true storyBest-selling author and Algarve resident L.A. Furtado is set to release her exciting fifth book Pop Rock Cop next month (April 9, 2018). After the success of her first novel, Her Apparitions from the Human Longings series, Furtado has once again written an intriguing story based on the true-life adventures of a Portuguese-Canadian heroine. Pop Rock Cop is about how Amalia, a talented young performer of Portuguese and Canadian descent, dealt with and overcame significant adversity that threatened to end her music career – and life.

WomanEX: It's A Woman's World Now!

WomanEX: It's A Woman's World Now!Just released! Men abused their power. It's a woman's world now!
An existential thriller that takes you into a dystopian world; a brutal exposé on the ills of a male-dominated power-structure.
Special release prices available now -  eBook £4.47 Paperback £7.95. CLICK HERE to order online!

W: www.booksbyreallaplaine.com

Democracy? 'Seventh Gate' by Richard Zimler

zimmlerRichard Zimler is a luso-american author, living in Portugal for many years. His bestseller, ‘Último Cabalista de Lisboa’, is followed by his outstanding book, ‘Seventh Gate.’
Remember that when the Catholic monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, in Spain let the Church kill a hundred thousand jews, with many more fleing to Morocco and Portugal.

FIRE+FURY+TRUMP: best book of the year

thedonaldMike Wolff's book Fire and Fury (Little, Brown and Co.) is a detailed document that in Northern Europe would start a process that within a month would see the author or Mr. Trump, in prison, write Jack Soifer.
There were more than 200 interviews with Trump and his advisors, an analysis of his friends' past, the reason for the unexpected victory and the TV show that he loves to host. All recorded, Wolff quotes ipsis literis what was said.

Rainbow Street - understanding that all families are different

Rainbow Street - understanding that all families are differentNick Rolfe's teenage transgender daughter has been living as her true self for over a year now, but Nick found it a struggle to explain the concept of transgender to her younger 5-year-old daughter, so created Rainbow Street.

Rainbow Street is a series of 7 books aimed at 4 to 6 year old children, using colourful pictures of animals to tell stories of gender identity. They all share the common theme of acceptance and could equally be used at home and in school to discuss all forms of difference and diversity. The aim is to make gender diversity no big deal and no different to accepting and respecting ethnic diversity, religious diversity and forms of neurodiversity. Stories in the series cover topics ranging from gender identity and adoption by same-sex parents, through to single fatherhood and it being ok to live alone in old age.

Caught in a Trap a new book by Trevor Burton

Caught in a Trap a new book by Trevor BurtonBrian Hampson is an Elvis impersonator, one of the best in the business, and currently the warm up act to Streetsound, an up and coming rock band. Brian’s narrowboat is moored at Castlefield basin in Manchester. He awakes one morning after a gig to find Jake Bosson the bass player, dead on the back of the boat. A passing lady jogger sees the body and screams, before running off to return a minute later with a traffic warden she has mistaken for policeman. The police are called and all are interviewed but released. The police return later to question Brian (Elvis) again, however the boat and Elvis have disappeared.

'A Pilgrim’s Guide to Fatima and the Surrounding Area' - book review by Janet Johnstone

books'A Pilgrim’s Guide to Fatima and the Surrounding Area' by Andrew Houseley, published 2017

Before picking up this guide, most people will be aware that Portugal left its mark, influence and sometimes its language on four continents. 

This book furthers a reader’s realisation of the great number of venerable old buildings and monuments which survive today in just one part of central Portugal and introduces that reader to the array of holy sites, both humble and grand, which are esteemed by native inhabitants and visitors.