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The Apartment - Part 5

THE APARTMENT - PART 5Just the three of us. You, me, and the log fire. The clock showed twenty past eleven. I had one lamp alight which was resting on the floor by the window. The light threw a rainbow shaft of whites and greys up the folds of the curtains.

The Apartment - Part 4

The Apartment - Part 4Who's a clever girl? “What are you going to do with all that money?”
I grin. “Have you already decided how to spend it?”

The Apartment - Part 3

HE APARTMENT - PART 3Shopping. “What do you think?”
“Caroline, you know very well that's a stupid question.”

The Apartment - Part 2

THE APARTMENT - PART 2The Second Yes. The press got hold of Caroline on our first tour. She was usually around, smiling in the background and wearing outrageously sexy clothes. I don't think she planned the way things have turned out, she was just enjoying herself and showing off. But she got to collecting the newspaper articles, and started a scrapbook. I noted with amusement that the only pictures she kept of the band were those with a flamboyant Caroline sucking up to the camera.

A New Life in the Algarve - an anthology of life stories

A NEW LIFE IN THE ALGARVE - AN ANTHOLOGY OF LIFE STORIESWhat makes a person decide to move abroad to start a new life? And why do so many people choose the Algarve in Portugal as their dream destination?
In this compilation of life stories, you can read about a whole range of different people who have made the Algarve their home.

The Apartment - Part 1

THE APARTMENTThe Apartment. “Well?” I sit on the window sill and put my feet on the coffee table. She turns a happy face in my direction. “I like it. When can we move in?” I shrug. “Probably tomorrow or the day after.”

NEW RELEASE: Twilight Visitor

NEW RELEASE: TWILIGHT VISITORMateus Cordozo is vacationing in Afife, Portugal, trying to reconcile his mid-life crisis, when a strange woman approaches and announces to him that the world will be on the cusp of nuclear war within the day, and that only he can stop it from happening.

Top 5 Books To Improve Your Writing Skills

TOP 5 BOOKS TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING SKILLSWriting is a muscle, and we must use it to build it. Our writing practices differ depending on why we’re writing in the first place.