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Kat the Dog - The remarkable tale of a rescued Spanish water dog

KAT THE DOG - THE REMARKABLE TALE OF A RESCUED SPANISH WATER DOGThe book Alyson Sheldrake has dreamed about writing ever since she first started putting Living the Dream together  - Kat's story is a blend of fiction and memoir.

Book Launch - NEW Healthy Eating Cookbook by Rosário Magalhães

BOOK LAUNCH - NEW HEALTHY EATING COOKBOOK BY ROSÁRIO MAGALHÃESOn Saturday 9th April, at 3pm at the restaurant Fortaleza da Luz (Praia da Luz) there will be a launch of a special cookbook, 'Cooking for All Seasons, Healthy Eating Throughout the Year' by Lagos resident, Rosário Magalhães.

WHEN GODS ROAR: The Awakening, by Réal Laplaine

WHEN GODS ROAR: THE AWAKENING BY RÉAL LAPLAINENew Release: "Fleeing from a brutal and oppressive regime in his home world, Té'Lal travels across two galaxies to reach Earth, where he seeks out a team at the JPL, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory outside Pasadena, California. His mission is simple: he wants refuge on Earth... but not everyone wants him here...

‘Wish You Were Here – Holiday Memories’ by Alyson Sheldrake

‘WISH YOU WERE HERE – HOLIDAY MEMORIES’ BY ALYSON SHELDRAKEIn these restrictive times, this book lets the reader travel around the world. Algarve author Alyson Sheldrake releases the third book in her Travel Stories Series. “It’s a stonkingly good book,” - Early review by an ARC reader.

The Apartment - Part 8

THE APARTMENT - PART 8Caroline in Red Breeches. “My agent's had this great idea.” Caroline is dressed in a pair of bright red short breeches. She is perched on a table, and someone is taking photographs of us both. We have been told to ignore the cameras. Okay, that's easy enough. “Yes,” I say as noncommittally as possible.

Custom Essay Writing Help for Academic Level Students Without Plagiarism

CUSTOM ESSAY WRITING HELP FOR ACADEMIC LEVEL STUDENTS WITHOUT PLAGIARISMGet the unique opportunity to choose your writer from online reliable and quick responding services. Improve your academic levels gradation and academic level scoring to avail the online opportunity to hire competent writers. British essay writing service can help the people at the time of their needs to help interested students.

The Most Useful Books That Will Help You Write the Perfect Dissertation

THE MOST USEFUL BOOKS THAT WILL HELP YOU WRITE THE PERFECT DISSERTATIONWriting a dissertation is a complex process students have to involve in when they finish college. The dissertation is the paper all students must write. Without your dissertation, you will not get your graduation degree, and this might have consequences on your future career.

The Apartment - Part 7

THE APARTMENT - PART 7Dining with Rex the Rabbit. I went up to my suite. I walked into the living room and there she was, looking wonderful as ever. “Gosh. The lovely Caroline.”
She gave me a big grin, and twirled in front of the mirror. “What do you think?”