We (M 61, F 58, F18) are actually in an emergency, unsustainable situation - We are urgently looking for a peaceful, sunny and fenced place in the countryside with access to water preferably in the proximity of Lagos (from Odiaxere to Barão and Luz). We are almost completely self-sufficient since we live in a spacious 7mt motorhome with solar panels (thus no need for electricity). All we're looking for is a little flat place where we can park and live on. Water is a must but we are extremely parsimonious with it and would need only around 500 L. per week. We can offer many things in exchange: help in gardening and/or house, babysitting, pet sitting, home sitting, cooking driving, shopping, translations etc. Further we can offer massage and Polarity treatments, advices and help regarding healthy nutrition/cooking and more...
Or we could pay a fair monthly rent to be agreed.
We would consider the option of renting a tiny bit of land too.
No need to say we are serious, reliable, clean, neat and have references.
Just contact us and we'll see what we can do for each other.