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Felix is ready to go!

FELIX IS READY TO GO!More good news: Princesa, featured here two weeks ago, has found a new home. She'd like to send you all her noble, furry thanks for your support! This week, Félix is our focus...

Cat for Adoption: Please have Mercy!

Cat for Adoption: Please have Mercy!Ginger is the flavour of the week.  Very happy to report that Marmelada and Cátia, two more cats previously featured in the ADN have been rehomed! This week, we are begging for "Mercy".

Food Delivery For Families In Need

FOOD DELIVERY FOR FAMILIES IN NEEDRotary Club Estoi Palace International has helped the local Estoi School, Escola Básica Poeta Emiliano da Costa in many ways over the years. Annually, Portuguese/English dictionaries are provided for Year 5 students, career talks are given, and much need equipment has been purchased for them.

A home fit for a princess

A HOME FIT FOR A PRINCESSWho says black cats are unlucky? Two black cats featured in the ADN have now found new homes: Ronaldo and Caixinha.  This week we are looking for a home for royalty!

StreetLife “It’s time to smile” Competition – that winning smile!

STREETLIFE “IT’S TIME TO SMILE” COMPETITION – THAT WINNING SMILE!At the beginning of February StreetLife launched a competition to try and find the Best Smiling Dogs in the East Algarve.  So much doom and gloom was around that they thought a few smiles were needed to lift our spirits. 

Support for those in need in Silves & Lagos

castelo de sonhosCastelo de Sonhos which supports low income families and married couples, and individuals living alone. Although the area covered by the charity is Silves and outlying areas, in more recent times they are collaborating with the Centro de Apoio Familiar e Aconselhamento Parental (CAFAP) which is currently supporting families who live in Portimão.

Cátia Cat is looking for a loving home

CÁTIA CAT IS LOOKING FOR A LOVING HOMEMore good news! Ourém, featured in the ADN in January, has been adopted! Best wishes to "the girl with blue eyes" who is adapting well, adored and adoring!
Our cat of the week this week is Cátia...

The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things!

THE WONDERFUL THING ABOUT TIGGERS, IS TIGGERS ARE WONDERFUL THINGS!More good news: ´Tareco´, a cat recently featured here on ADN, has now been adopted! Best wishes to Tareco and his new family, who adore him! Our Cat-of-the-week this week is ´Tikru´or ´Tigger´.