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Youngsters intoxicated by a poisonous plant

CMTV Playback  - YOUNGSTERS INTOXICATED BY A POISONOUS PLANTThree young foreigners intoxicated with a poisonous plant in Spain, took a boat to Alcoutim to ask for help after they began to feel ill.

African spurred tortoise found illegally held in captivity in Albufeira

AFRICAN SPURRED TURTLE FOUND ILLEGALLY HELD IN CAPTIVITY IN ALBUFEIRAThe GNR Environmental Protection Nucleus discovered an African spurred tortoise yesterday, being illegally held in captivity, in a property in Albufeira.

Youngster arrested in Vilamoura with 288 doses of drugs

YOUNGSTER ARRESTED IN VILAMOURA WITH 288 DOSES OF DRUGSA 22 year old man was arrested for drug trafficking in Vilamoura at the weekend, after he acted nervously during a road inspection, arousing the suspicion of the authorities.

89 year old man dies in a car crash in Mértola

89 year old man dies in a car crash in Mértola.An 89 year old man died yesterday morning, following a car accident on the EN122, from Mértola (Beja) to Vila Real de Santo António near the town of Sedas.

Euribor rate reaches highest in 14 years

EURIBOR RATE REACHES HIGHEST IN 14 YEARSToday, Euribor rates rose to three and six months new highs, the highest since January 2009. 

Murderer detained by SEF was a lifeguard in the Algarve

MURDERER DETAINED BY SEF WAS A LIFEGUARD IN THE ALGARVEThe Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) have arrested a man in the Lisbon area, wanted by Interpol to serve a 20 year prison sentence for the crime of aggravated homicide in Recife, Brazil.

Portugal is prepared if additional Covid-19 control measures are needed

PORTUGAL IS PREPARED IF ADDITIONAL COVID-19 CONTROL MEASURES ARE NEEDEDPortugal's health minister, Manuel Pizarro, as announced that "everything will be prepared so that, if and when necessary, we can adopt Covid-19 control measures in Portugal that are deemed necessary."

New road opens, to reduce traffic in Loulé

NEW ROAD OPENS, TO REDUCE TRAFFIC IN LOULÉYesterday, the new section of road between Rotunda das Pereiras and the EM522, in Escanxinas, Loule was officially opened to traffic.