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British banks and EU-based customers after Brexit - what the government say

BRITISH BANKS AND EU-BASED CUSTOMERS AFTER BREXIT - WHAT THE GOVERNMENT SAYMany of the big British banks have been contacting customers over the past weeks to inform they will stop serving them when the withdrawal agreement ends on December 31st this year. The Treasury has provided the following answer to a question submitted by MP Sir Roger Gale regarding this matter.

Measures to fight Coronavirus extended until mid-October

MEASURES TO FIGHT CORONAVIRUS EXTENDED UNTIL MID-OCTOBERThe Portuguese government announced yesterday that measures to curb the Covid-19 pandemic will be extended until at least mid-October, due to worries about the increase in the number of daily cases from authorities in Portugal and abroad.

Switzerland adds Portugal, UK and others to quarantine list

SWITZERLAND ADDS PORTUGAL, UK AND OTHERS TO QUARANTINE LISTSwitzerland has today added several countries including Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands to its list of countries and regions at high risk of Coronavirus infection.

Almargem launches Algarve water saving campaign

odelouca damThe campaign #AÚltimaGota_Algarve (#TheLastDrop_Algarve) developed by Almargem aims to inform the public about the need to change our attitudes and behaviours when it comes to water management. The strategy will cover the 16 municipalities of the Algarve and will include a Digital Guide and water saving tips.

Public debt hits 133.8% of GDP: “historic record”

PUBLIC DEBT HITS 133.8% OF GDP: “HISTORIC RECORD”Portugal’s public debt has skyrocketed in the last six months of the Covid19 pandemic, from 114% of GDP to 133.8%.

Portugal and Netherlands work together to export green hydrogen

PORTUGAL AND NETHERLANDS WORK TOGETHER TO EXPORT GREEN HYDROGENA new memorandum of understanding has been signed between Portugal and the Netherlands, to explore the transportation of green hydrogen between the two countries.

British banks cannot afford to keep EU-based customers after Brexit

BRITISH BANKS CANNOT AFFORD TO KEEP EU-BASED CUSTOMERS AFTER BREXITMany of the big British banks have written to expats to say that unless they can prove they are resident in UK they will stop serving them when the withdrawal agreement ends on December 31st this year, leading to issues for many.

Brexit is back!

brexitBREXIT IS BACK!It never actually went away, but with just over 3 months to go before the transition period expires on 31st December, it seems a good time to catch up on what’s been happening over the summer and why it might be important. Covid19 has totally eclipsed Brexit in the media, but the end of the transition period is rapidly coming over the hill at us.