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beggarMore than three quarters of Portuguese families have serious anxieties as to how they are going to pay the bills, with 300,000 families facing real poverty.

The first ever Deco Barometer reveals that 77% of families live day-to-day when it come to money, but 23% of respondents admitting to living in comfort.

novobancoshinylogoNovo Banco said that it had hired international detectives to investigate the fortune of a defaulting client after he made a "gigantic loss” on a loan to buy BCP shares.

José Rodrigues de Jesus and Bracinha Vieira, the two members of the commission responsible for monitoring the management of the assets of Novo Banco, were heard on Wednesday morning in Parliament by the Budget and Finance Committee.

gavelAnother judge in Portugal has landed in distinctly hot water after ruling in a divorce case that, it was not credible that a financially independent woman had put up with being assaulted for the past eight years.

The woman, had been a victim of domestic violence, filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband who was acquitted.

grenadeThe Tancos commission of inquiry has heard evidence from former intelligence chief, Júlio Pereira, who avoided the assertion that foreign agencies already had shared a menu of weapons that had been requested by criminal organisations and that this list coincided with the weapons and explosives stolen from the army base.

At the end of the hearing, MPs on the commission asked about this ‘shopping list’ theory, as said list had been provided by foreign secret services at a meeting of the Counter-Terrorism Coordination Unit (UCAT) following the theft at Tancos in 2017.

water2The Government is empowering the national water regulator to issue fines to companies that cut customers’ supply for no good reason or without notice.

Water and wastewater treatment companies and solid waste collection companies, can face penalties if they issue excessive charges or cut services without notice.

heroinA 28-year-old man was arrested by the Loulé GNR yesterday, (Tuesday March 12th,) for drug trafficking.

A GNR patrol, in the Vale Formoso area in the municipality of Loulé, spotted a drug deal going on, "that GNR personnel witnessed the suspect making a drugs sale and arrested him in the act."

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