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Land grabbing in the Algarve

LAND GRABBING IN THE ALGARVEAn Irish woman is still traumatised and living in hiding because of aggressive intrusions and violent threats, arising from a land dispute – and is just one example of what is being described as criminal land grabbing activities.   

Water levels rise again in the river basin of the western Algarve

WATER LEVELS RISE AGAIN IN THE RIVER BASIN OF THE WESTERN ALGARVEThe amount of water stored in the Algarve's Barlavento river basin rose to 22.6% in April, an increase of almost three percentage points compared to the month of March, but it remains the one with the least water.

Ecovia de Silves walkway officially opens on May 10th

ECOVIA DE SILVES WALKWAY OFFICIALLY OPENS ON MAY 10THThe newly constructed section of the Ecovia de Silves, from Armação de Pêra to the east end of Praia Grande, will be officially opened on May 10th, at 6pm.

Concerns over corruption investigation that ended government

CONCERNS OVER CORRUPTION INVESTIGATION THAT ENDED GOVERNMENTPortugal’s ombudswoman, Maria Lúcia Amaral, is “deeply concerned” and “perplexed” with the handling of the corruption investigation that brought down the previous government.

Algarve: Government to ease cuts to water consumption

ALGARVE: GOVERNMENT TO EASE CUTS TO WATER CONSUMPTIONYesterday it was announced that cuts in water consumption in the Algarve, in force since January, will now be eased in the urban sector and in agriculture.

Tax authorities will not charge IRS less than 25 euros and not reimburse less than 10 euros

TAX AUTHORITIES WILL NOT CHARGE IRS LESS THAN 25 EUROS AND NOT REIMBURSE LESS THAN 10 EUROSThe law regarding tax charges and refunds now means that the tax administration will not issue a bill for amounts less than €25, or make a tax refund of less than €10.

VRSA: Navy extinguish fire on vessel at commercial pier

VRSA: NAVY EXTINGUISH FIRE ON VESSEL AT COMMERCIAL PIERThe crew of the NRP Dragão ship, which was at the Vila Real de Santo António commercial pier yesterday afternoon, detected a fire onboard a vessel moored nearby, at the same pier.

Wars blocking climate action

WARS BLOCKING CLIMATE ACTIONPortugal has been at the forefront of action against climate change, but the  subject of global warming is being overshadowed by fears of worsening wars.