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GoldenVisaWith the defeat of yet another bill designed to do away with ‘Golden’ residency visas, Transparency International Portugal has called on the government to release information on its “controversial residency-by-investment programme”.

The reasons are multiple but focused principally on what the NGO calls “the risks of corruption and money laundering associated with the scheme”.

oilrigPolice investigators are on the anti-oil trail, with searches last Wednesday at the offices of the National Entity for the Fuel Market (ENMC) and the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG).

The reason is that the environmental association, ASMAA, lodged a complaint nearly a year ago about the illegality of the oil drilling concessions and licences covering vast areas off the Portuguese coast.

GNRMessinesBlowJobThe Communist Party has reviewed the sad state of the Guarda Nacional Republicana's (GNR) vehicles, concluding that due to high mileage and age, "a considerable part of the fleet is inoperative."

New vehicles are slow to be issued and the old ones eventually give up the ghost, creating a problem that is getting worse, not better with a high percentage of the 5,600 vehicle fleet unable to be used.

SEFOn January 9th, Portugal’s Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) started issuing the new 'Permanent Residence Certificate of the European Union.'

This new card is identical to the national Citizen's Card in format, material and contents which contains the physical security data internationally recommended for this type of document.

financasFurther to the notification that ‘Bank balances of €50k or more to be reported to the Tax Authority’ (January 11, 2019), HERE, questions have been raised and answered to clarify some of the implications of the new protocol agreed by Portugal’s government.

What information do banks have to send?

Financial institutions are obliged to report to the Treasury the amounts that a taxpayer has in a bank account or, if they have more than one account at the same bank, how much is in the various accounts that in their name.

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