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Fire in Quinta do Lago & Almancil reactivates

FIRE IN QUINTA DO LAGO & ALMANCIL REACTIVATESThe fire that broke out on Tuesday in Gambelas, in Faro, and was in resolution, reactivated today and is being fought by more than 240 firefighters.

Feira dos Sofas - Algarve Arbitration Centre steps in to help in customer dispute

FEIRA DOS SOFAS - ALGARVE ARBITRATION CENTRE STEPS IN TO HELP IN CUSTOMER DISPUTEIn what could become the first of many arbitrations, the Algarve Centre for Consumer Arbitration in Faro is fighting for a consumer in a dispute against Feira dos Sofas ("FDS") furniture chain of stores.

Loan sharks arrested while they holidayed in Albufeira

Loan sharks arrested holidaying in AlbufeiraA total of 100 GNR officers have been involved since March 2021, to dismantle a family network of loan sharks, who lent money at “high interest” to then extort their 'customers', terrorising them with threats. 

Faro has the best city air quality in Europe

Faro has the best city air quality in Europe.The cities with the best air quality in Europe in 2020 and 2021 were the Portuguese cities of Faro and Funchal, and Umeå city, in Sweden, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Renovated Red Chalet in Armação de Pêra opens its doors to the public

Red Chalet, in Armação de Pêra. Photo Manolo YlleraBut only if you can afford €2500 per night! The iconic red palace, next to the beach at Armação de Pêra is no longer a family holiday home, but is now luxury holiday accommodation, managed by the Vila Vita Parc resort.

Olhão switches to LED technology for public lighting

OLHÃO SWITCHES TO LED TECHNOLOGY FOR PUBLIC LIGHTING - image by DR Postal.ptThe Municipality of Olhão is in the process of replacing traditional public lighting with LED technology, to make the municipality more efficient and sustainable from an energy point of view.

Costa calls for public responsibility during forest fire season

COSTA CALLS FOR PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY DURING FOREST FIRE SEASONThe Prime Minister, António Costa, said today that the country is better prepared to fight fires, but that should not diminish the responsibility of each and every one of us, to avoid risky behavior that could cause fires.

Current drought in southern Europe 'could become the worst ever'

Current drought in southern Europe 'could become the worst ever'.The European Union is bracing itself for a difficult wildfire season, with hundreds of firefighters from different member states being deployed as the drought in southern European countries could become "the worst ever".