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Bomb threat shuts down Mar Shopping

Bomb threat shuts down Mar ShoppingA bomb threat forced the closure of the Mar Shopping mall in Loulé this afternoon between 13:00 and 15:00. The GNR have revealed that they have already identified the suspect behind the threat.

An on-site witness revealed that the situation became obvious around 1pm, and ended around 3pm. During this period, the doors of the shopping complex were closed, and no one was permitted to leave or enter Mar Shopping. In the end “a man was caught.” The witness, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that “everything was crazy and people were all very scared”.

Drug dealer busted with 1116 doses of hashish in SilvesThe Silves GNR Criminal Investigation Centre detained a 40-year old man for the crime of drug trafficking yesterday. The arrest took place as part of a long investigation in to drug trafficking in the area that has been going on for more than two years. It required the use of eight search warrants, of which three were for houses, two were for business establishments, and three were for cars, all located within the Silves region.

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