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airplane2The president of Zero - Portugal’s ‘Sustainable Earth System Association,'  - says that "aviation emissions increased 7% in Portugal in the last year," but that the country is missing out on the tax-take on fuels and that other EU nations are raking in.

Based on a study prepared for the European Commission in 2018, which shows that aviation in the Member States of the European Union is more tax-free than in other markets, Francisco Ferreira defended the application of taxes on fuel used in Portugal.

FireLeiriaSmallCarsAntónio Costa guarantees that Government is negotiating the acquisition of a majority shareholding in SIRESP, the discreditied emergency system company whose failures exacerbated the devastating and fatal fires in central Portugal in 2017.

Regardless of the outcome of the negotiations between the state and SIRESP, the Integrated System of Emergency and Security Networks of Portugal, the Prime Minister assured that the old system will not be disconnected and that the country will be protected.

JoeBerardoPrime Minister António Costa said on Monday that Portugal was "surely shocked by the rudeness" of Joe Berardo, (pictured) when he was heard in Parliament and said he expected the businessman to pay "what he owes" to Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

"I think the country is certainly all shocked by the rudeness with which Mr Joe Berardo responded last week in this Parliament," António Costa said in the biweekly debate.

construction2The Discovery Land Company, is negotiating the purchase of Costa Terra, a tourist megaproject that the Queiroz Pereira family owns at Melides, Grândola, in the Alentejo.

The American luxury resort management company wants to move forward with the construction of hotels, tourist villages and villas, in an investment said to be around €500 million.

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