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cttlogoFrancisco Lacerda is to resign from the position of president of CTT.

The post office boss was in his third term at the helm of CTT and considered that a change of the company's leadership team was necessary.


hospitalLaura Angélica Bragança, a 10th year student at Pinheiro e Rosa High School in Faro, died on Friday morning in Budapest, Hungary, following a minibus accident.

The 16-year-old girl was part of a group of students visiting the country. Another student from the Algarve was seriously injured.

atmPortugal’s government has warned the nation’s bank chiefs that issuing free ATM banks cards to customers must continue as it is the current law that charges are not made for this facility.

In response to banking CEOs pushing for a €20 charge per card per year, the Secretary of State for Consumer Protection stated that he is not going to have the law changed just to enable banks to charge customers.

bearFor the first time since 1843, an adult brown bear* has been spotted on Portuguese territory.

This landmark for the conservation of the Cantabrian bear population was due to the sighting in the Montesinho Natural Park Bragança, reports the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests.

LagoasBrancasSmallLagoa Council remains deaf to protests over environmental crime at Alagoas Brancas where it is keen to see a supermarket built on an important  wetland site.

Campaigners trying to save the natural area in Lagoa were ordered to be silent in a recent council meeting.

justiceSuffering from paranoid schizophrenia, Louis Yates, told a Portimão Court that he believed his mother was the devil and that the CIA had told him to kill her.

Yates, 31, slit his mother’s throat, beat her, stamped on her head, doused her in acid and stuck cigarette ends into her vagina. The attack happened on August 4th, 2018 at the family home at Caramujeira, Lagoa.

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