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ECB urges banks to raise capital to prevent possible recession

ECB URGES BANKS TO RAISE CAPITAL TO PREVENT POSSIBLE RECESSIONEuropean Central Bank (ECB) supervisory board chairman Andrea Enria has specifically called on some eurozone banks to hold sufficient capital in the face of a possible recession.

BA cancel 10,000 more flights between now and the end of October

BA CANCEL 10,000 MORE FLIGHTS BETWEEN NOW AND THE END OF OCTOBERBritish airline, British Airways has cancelled a further 10,300 flights between now and the end of October., many were British flights to the Algarve and Madeira.

Pension payments cease for Swedish living abroad

PENSION PAYMENTS CEASE FOR SWEDISH LIVING ABROADAnnounced last month, the Riksdag, Swedens highest decision-making assembly, decided that the right to take a guarantee pension upon emigration from Sweden will cease from 1st October 2022.

ANA acknowledge "serious" problems at airports

ANA ACKNOWLEDGE "SERIOUS" PROBLEMS AT AIRPORTSThe executive president of ANA, Thierry Ligonnièr, acknowledged today the existence of "serious" problems at Portuguese airports and underlined that the infrastructure manager is working with partners to improve the service, which is already producing results "very tangible".

Portimão: Man arrested for domestic violence against his wife & children

PORTIMÃO: MAN ARRESTED FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST HIS WIFE & CHILDRENThe PSP have arrested a 45-year-old man in Portimão for committing crimes of domestic violence against his wife and children.

Drinking beer is good for the intestines and doesn't make you fat

DRINKING BEER IS GOOD FOR THE INTESTINES AND DOESN'T MAKE YOU FATPorto reseachers have good news for beer drinkers, they concluded that “drinking beer is good for the intestinal microbiota”, associated with the prevention of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Tropical nights and highs above 30ºC are on their way

TROPICAL NIGHTS AND HIGHS ABOVE 30ºC ARE ON THEIR WAYTropical nights, rising minimum and maximum temperatures and thermometers above 30ºC throughout the country are expected from Wednesday, July 6th, say the IMPA.

Star Wars-inspired house is being built in the Algarve

Star Wars-inspired house is being built in the Algarve.A luxury home inspired by the cult saga Star Wars, is being built in Carvoeiro, Lagoa. The house, overlooking the sea, looks like a spaceship and is designed by Carvoeiro based architecture studio, Bespoke.