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Parliament ‘seeks to send MPs to jail if they fudge earnings declarations’In an ostensibly upbeat story, SIC television news reported on Monday that parliament is working on plans to ‘get tough’ with politicians who don’t fully report their wealth and earnings.

The new crime of ‘qualified disobedience’ could send errant politicians to jail for three years, explained the report, stressing that MPs are working on “increasing sanctions” and widening the scope of the crime to include other professions like judges, magistrates and senior civil servants.

wavesRoughA member of the GNR and various local fishermen rescued a 37-year-old man who was swept off a jetty in Quarteira and ended up 400 metres from the coastline.

According to information from the GNR, an alert was received at 3:30 p.m. last Thursday saying that someone was in trouble and in danger of drowning.

bombeirosThe head of the Albufeira Bomberios is outraged by the wave of dodgy people asking for money, fooling motorists and pedestrians that they are fundraising for the local fire service.

These "mercenaries" have invaded the streets, often "wearing uniforms that even have the name of the institution," said Commander António Coelho, denouncing these organised groups that "usurp the image" of firefighters in a "clearly malicious strategy."

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