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RuiRioThe challenge to Social Democrat leader, Rui Rio, (pictured), has been launched by Luís Montenegro who said today that he wants to be, “the opponent that António Costa has not had over the last year" and wants a clean start for the party instead of letting the current leader, carry on and fail.

Montenegro challenged Rui Rio to have the courage to call a party leadership election and not to, "take refuge behind formal, legal and administrative issues.”

castromarimviewOpposition party members in Castro Marim Council have slammed the decision by Mayor Francisco Amaral to force a Council by-election.

Social Democrat, Amaral, said on Tuesday that he is resigning in early February and will hold mid-term Council elections in April on the grounds that he can’t get anything done as Councillors from the Socialist Party and the independent Castro Marim First movement, block everything he tries to implement.

legionellaIn another case where the innocent lose their lives - yet no one is to blame, the families of the 14 victims of the Vila Franca de Xira ‘Legionaires’ disease’ outbreak are highly unlikely ever to receive a cent in compensation.

The local court has decided to acquit ADP Fertilizantes SA. in a case brought by one survivor, Leonel Ferreira, who sought €200,000 in compensation for his subsequent incapacity.

lagos2Lagos Council is pressing ahead with a local ‘tourist tax’ of €1.50-a-night in a move that the mayor says will go towards covering the additional costs that tourism imposes on the municipality.

Algarve Mayors’ group, AMAL, already has approved the tax and it’s now up to each of the region’s 16 Councils to decide whether to impose the tax, or not.

edpPylonAt long last, reticent energy companies who challenged the extraordinary tax contribution levied by the previous government, will have to pay up after power distributor, Redes Energeticas Nacionais (REN), lost in court.

This brings some clarity to the role of the government's power to raise taxes and will bring welcome cash to the Treasury - over €500 million is outstanding.

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