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Storm Ciarán brings wind and heavy rain from Thursday

STORM CIARÁN BRINGS WIND AND HEAVY RAIN FROM THURSDAYStorm Ciarán, which is moving eastward across the Atlantic, is expected to affect mainland Portugal and Madeira from Thursday, with strong wind and precipitation, mainly in the North and Center.

Mother gave birth privately to avoid baby being institutionalised

MOTHER GAVE BIRTH PRIVATELY TO AVOID BABY BEING INSTITUTIONALISEDThe woman who took her newborn daughter, who was under precautionary protection, from the Faro hospital nursery on Thursday, gave birth in a private hospital to eventually keep the child, the Judiciary Police (PJ) admitted yesterday.

Portimão: homeless man tries to set fire to a fuel pump

PORTIMÃO: HOMELESS MAN TRIES TO SET FIRE TO A FUEL PUMPA 46 year old homeless man wholit the end of a fuel hose with a lighter in December 2019 has been acquitted, after serving 3 years in prison for the crime.

Maddie: Judiciary Police continue investigations

MADDIE: JUDICIARY POLICE CONTINUE INVESTIGATIONSThe Judiciary Police clarified yesterday that, in the investigation into the disappearance of English child Madeleine McCann, in the Algarve in 2007, steps continue to be taken, aiming to clarify the situation, and that they are still in contact with the child's relatives.

Plane makes emergency landing at Faro airport after tyre burst during takeoff

PLANE MAKES EMERGENCY LANDING AT FARO AIRPORT AFTER TYRE BURST DURING TAKEOFFA plane from the Irish low-cost airline, Ryanair, with 189 passengers on board made an emergency landing yesterday at Gago Coutinho International Airport, in Faro after one of the tyres burst during take-off. (VIDEO)

Albufeira: Evaristo restaurant burns down overnight

ALBUFEIRA: EVARISTO RESTAURANT BURNS DOWN OVERNIGHTA fire broke out at the Evaristo restaurant, at Praia do Evaristo in Albufeira last night, resulting in the building being “practically completely burned down”.

Portuguese national minimum wage increases for 2024

PORTUGUESE NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE INCREASES FOR 2024The Portuguese National Minimum Wage (SMN) in 2024 will be set at €820 per month, an increase of €60 compared to the value in force in 2023.

Faro: 9.9 metre wave recorded on Sunday

FARO: 9.9 METRE WAVE RECORDED ON SUNDAYA 9.9 metre high wave was recorded off the coast at Faro on Sunday afternoon, caused as depressions from storms Babet, Aline and Bernard passed through the country.