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antoniocosta3"At the next Council of Ministers meeting, on Thursday, we will approve a contingency plan to ensure that all British residents in Portugal will be assured of peace, tranquility and security and will not be inconvenienced,” said Portugal’s prime minister, adding that the rights of Portuguese residents in the UK will be respected.

António Costa lamented the rejection by the British parliament of the UK's exit agreement from the European Union and said he hoped that the British government quickly would inform him of its next steps to avoid an uncontrolled exit on March 29th.

edpIncreasing a suspicion that energy company EDP looks good on paper but in fact is rooted in the management practices of its State-owned past, an audit has shown how and where hundreds of millions of euros have been squandered during the building of hydro-electric dams.

EY describes examples of poor management control in the construction of several dams, such as Baixo Sabor, Ribeiradio Ermida and Foz Tua, which entailed ‘deviations’ of hundreds of millions of euros.

novobancoshinylogoNovo Banco, led by António Ramalho, is to ask the Resolution Fund for yet another capital injection, this one will be for €850 million, under the terms of the gift of the bank to US vulture fund, Lone Star.

Novo Banco is preparing its ‘request’ to the Resolution Fund under the disastrous, contingent capital arrangement agreed by the Bank of Portugal when it handed over 75% of the bank's shares to Lone Star, for free, with the proviso that the Resolution Fund injects money in Novo Banco whenever there are losses from asset sales that ‘impact the financial stability of the bank.’

eucalyptusFollowing the devastating wildfires of 2017, PS Socialists pledged to limit the planting of fire-spreading eucalyptus. But media reports have revealed there are licences still in place allowing for the planting of “even more” of these trees until the end of 2019.

This is because the licences were obtained under a law that only ‘fell’ on December 31, 2017 and gave pulp producers two years of planting authorisation.

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