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olhaoOlhão Council has launched a promotional video to show off the many attractions of the county and the city.

"It has been one of the main purposes of this Council executive to promote tourism in the municipality of Olhão; not a mass tourism, but quality tourism, for those looking for a different, more genuine Algarve. I think that with this video that we have achieved the goal of showing the potential of Olhão and, at the same time, opening the door for those who are thinking of visiting us," said the mayor, António Pina.

brexitLenBrexit FAQ – Driving Licences

1. I am a British citizen and I live in Portugal for 6 months of the year. Can I still drive in Portugal on my UK licence?

R: From the day the UK leaves the EU, driving licences issued by the UK will be considered third country licences at which time the applicable legislation will be that which relates to the recognition of third country licences. 1

construction2Environmental organisation, Almargem, has weighed into the fight to protect Ponta João de Aréns near Alvor from a three hotel development, referring to the clifftop area as, “one of the last and most notable untapped coast of the municipality of Portimão.”

“Marked by its unique natural landscape, this stretch of coastline has long awakened the appetite of several real estate developers...”

VineAutumnThe Algarve Wine Commission (CVA) has launched a new App at this week’s Lisbon tourism fair, giving a technological boost to the region’s wines.

Carlos Gracias, president of the CVA, was on the Turismo do Algarve stand and presented an App for smartphones that aims, "to contribute in an innovative, appealing and practical way to enotourism in the Algarve."

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