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Global warming crisis here and now

GLOBAL WARMING CRISIS HERE AND NOWEvents over the past two weeks have surely scuppered any Trump-like delusions that climate change is not happening or not threatening all forms of life on planet Earth.

Olhão: Youth arrested for thefts and violent robberies of the elderly

OLHÃO: YOUTH ARRESTED FOR THEFTS AND VIOLENT ROBBERIES OF THE ELDERLYAfter 3 months of investigation, yesterday the GNR arrested a 20 year old man for thefts and violent robberies of elderly people in the Olhão area.

Portugal refuses EU proposal on gas usage cuts

Portugal refuses EU proposal on gas usage cutsPortugal is totally opposed to an EU proposal for member states to cut gas usage until March, because it would "hamper electricity production through gas-fired plants when the country faces an extreme drought", Energy Secretary João Galamba said yesterday.

Emergency phoneline 112 to detect the exact origin of calls

EMERGENCY PHONELINE 112 TO DETECT THE EXACT ORIGIN OF CALLSThe emergency phone line in Portugal, 112, is being upgraded to detect the exact origin of calls, but this function will only come in to play in 2023.

Runway at Luton airport melts, causing disruption and delays

Photo courtesy of BBC NEw - Luton airport runway meltsThe heat wave that is hitting the UK this week caused damage to the runway at Luton airport yesterday. Some flights were delayed by more than four hours, and some airlines were forced to divert flights.

Navy divers deactivate bomb at Meia Praia, Lagos

NAVY DIVERS DEACTIVATE BOMB AT MEIA PRAIA, LAGOSThe Explosive Device Inactivation Readiness Team (EOD), of the Detachment of Sapadores Divers N.º1 (DMS1) of the Portuguese Navy, was activated on Sunday, at 12:00, when a possible explosive device was discovered, in Lagos.

Charming Predator outwits the law

CHARMING PREDATOR OUTWITS THE LAWAfter almost twenty years on the run from the UK, and committing many crimes in various countries including Portugal, the serial fraudster Kenner Elias Jones, also known as ‘Conman Ken’ and ‘The Charming Predator’, has been tracked down living in a comfortable care home in Munich, Germany.

Government downgrades fire risk to 'State of alert'

GOVERNMENT DOWNGRADES FIRE RISK TO 'STATE OF ALERT'After several days of high temperatures and over 700 firefighters still fighting several large fires, the Government announced this Sunday that it will not prolong the 'contingency' situation Portugal, due to the fires.