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fillupThe union representing the drivers of dangerous loads, such as petrol and diesel, has reached an agreement that members' pay will rise by a possible maximum €1,400 a month and that Sunday will be a day off.

The drivers already are describing the deal as an, "historic agreement."

viaalgarvianafamilyThe Via Algarviana walking route celebrates its 10th anniversary on May 29th. To mark the date, the Almargem Association is promoting a free to attend event, "The Role of Via Algarviana in Ecotourism in the Algarve," in the Espaço Guadiana, in Alcoutim.

Starting at 9:30 am, the panel members will discuss the birth of the project until its inauguration in 2009. There will also be space for the analysis of the socio-economic contribution of the Via Algarviana to the region, with the participation of the owners of businesses along the route. The moderator will be Fúlvia Almeida, the director of RUA FM.

olivetreeSouthern Europe countries are said to be at the greatest risk from a deadly disease described as a "very serious threat" to the EU's olive industry.

The European Food Safety Authority (ESFA) says computer modelling has helped understand how it spreads, but there is no cure for infected plants, writes Mark Kinver, Environment reporter, BBC News.

olivesNew research has discovered that millions of birds are being vacuumed up as part of nocturnal suction olive harvesting in the Mediterranean.

From October to January the machinery operates at night and in Andalusia, Spain, an estimated 2.6 million birds are vacuumed to death annually, with the regional government recently putting a stop to the practice. In Portugal, some 96,000 birds are thought to die every winter. The problem is feared to be so vast that Portuguese researchers have recently written a letter to Nature, pleading that nocturnal olive harvesting is ceased.

alentejoview2"The Directorate General of Energy and Geology should not put in public consultation requests for exploration rights in classified areas," argues environmental association Zero.

The organisation is concerned that more than 86,000 hectares of nature conservation land is part of the current 'great lithium rush.'

JellyfishPortugueseMOWarThe Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Weather has issued a warning of the dangers posed by the species physalia physalis, more commonly known as the Portuguese man o' war,  which is washing up along Portugal’s coastline, the Azores and Madeira.

"Among the species that occur in Portugal, the Portuguese man o' war is the one that requires the most caution," opined the IPMA, about a species influenced by winds and surface currents and often is spotted along the Portuguese coast. The jellyfish is a blue colour, sometimes with lilac and pink tones.

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