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wineThe Annual Forum of Portuguese Wines, saw the Algarve Wine Commission announce that the region’s output was nowhere near the 20% increase that had been hoped for, in fact the Algarve’s output was 50% up on last season.

According to the Commission, this growth rate will help the Algarve assert itself as a serious and skilled wine producing region and helped the national output increase 4% on last year.

ubertaxiTo the cheery delight of Portugal's taxi driver association, the appeal court in Lisbon has judged Uber’s operations in Portugal to be illegal, - “in violation of the national law.”

The first decision at the Lisbon central court in April 2015, stated that the transport service company had to pay €10,000 a day if it continued its operations. The US company went to the appeal court, which has confirmed the first judgment and leaves Uber with a multi-million euro bill.

bikeraceThe Algarve’s annual 'Volta ao Algarve' bicycle race “helps promote the region as a bicycle destination,” according to the head of the regional tourist board, Desidério Silva.

The 44th annual race, which runs from February 14th to 18th next year, is already a competition of "great international prestige" said Silva who sees the race as the focal point for the bicycle tourism market, saying that it “contributes to the image and appreciation of the territory.”

CataloniaPuigdemontSpain has lifted the European Arrest Warrants issued for Catalonia's former president, Carles Puigdemont (pictured) and four of his former ministers, all of whom have been holed up in Belgium since the Catalonian parliament declared independence from Spain on October 27th and they, rather sensibly, left the country.

As it stands, legally, the men will be arrested should they venture back to Spain as the domestic arrest warrants remain valid.

fome5Food Banks Against Hunger collected more than 2,200 tons of food in its vital pre-Christmas campaign across 2,000 supermarkets in 21 regions of the country.

Isabel Jonet, the president of the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks against Hunger service, said that the large amount of food donated is proof of the generosity of the Portuguese public who once again has supported an initiative that, twice a year, collects food to alleviate hunger year round.

airbnb2The Iberian Director General of Airbnb, Arnaldo Muñoz, says the collaboration between his company and the Portuguese government in ensuring all owners are submitting correctly registered properties, "is something unique and allows Portugal’s tourism to grow."

The collaboration between Airbnb and Turismo de Portugal means that, as from December 1st, all new property listings automatically will be registered on the Turismo de Portugal Alojamento Local web portal.

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