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The desperate water shortage in Algarve

The desperate water shortage in AlgarveEveryone in the Algarve must greatly reduce their consumption of water in any way they possibly can, to help in what is being described as the worst drought situation ever in the region.

Albufeira: Collection of food biowaste has begun

ALBUFEIRA: COLLECTION OF FOOD BIOWASTE HAS BEGUNFrom February 1st, the collection of food bio-waste in the Horeca area of Albufeira has begun, namely in restaurants in the Guia area, but to be extended to collections at public schools.

Explosions and fire destroy beach restaurant in Luz

EXPLOSIONS AND FIRE DESTROY BEACH RESTAURANT IN LUZThe iconic beachside restaurant Paraiso in Luz has been completely destroyed by a fire which began just after midnnight, on Wednesday.

Faro: €468,000 invested in IT material for schools

FARO: €468,000 INVESTED IN IT MATERIAL FOR SCHOOLSThe Municipality of Faro recently installed computers, monitors and interactive panels in the 20 primary schools in the municipality.

Storm Karlota: Mainland Portugal under yellow warning on Thursday

STORM KARLOTA: MAINLAND PORTUGAL UNDER YELLOW WARNING ON THURSDAYFrom Thursday, in addition to heavy rain and strong wind, sea disturbances are also expected due to storm Karlota, putting mainland Portugal under a yellow warning.

Algarve: New golf course will only progress if irrigated with treated water

ALGARVE: NEW GOLF COURSE WILL ONLY PROGRESS IF IRRIGATED WITH TREATED WATERThe construction of a new golf course in Vila Real de Santo António, the second of the Monte Rei project, will only progress if irrigation is carried out with treated wastewater, the vice-president of the municipality assured Lusa news agency.

Portugal’s Fuel Prices Beats Neighbouring Countries

PORTUGAL’S FUEL PRICES BEATS NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIESAs countless drivers in Portugal have learned, the old adage 'a penny saved is a penny earned' genuinely rings true when it comes to the price of fuel. Compared to its European counterparts, Portugal features almost consistently lower fuel prices.

So the question is: why is fuel cheaper in Portugal than in neighboring nations?

Water tariffs to rise by 15% to 50% from March

WATER TARIFFS TO RISE BY 15% TO 50% FROM MARCHOver the weekend, it was announced that municipalities across the Algarve will raise water tariffs by 15% to 50% from March onwards, for the 2nd tier of consumption upwards.