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Water resources expert says private companies must pay their share to combat drought

WATER RESOURCES EXPERT SAYS PRIVATE COMPANIES MUST PAY THEIR SHARE TO COMBAT DROUGHTYesterday, at the “Water Resilience in the Algarve - our common purpose” conference in Lagos, a water resources expert warned that private companies must pay their share towards measures against drought in the Algarve, without expecting the State to assume all the costs.

Prosecutor's Office calls for conviction of the Portuguese 'Bonnie & Clyde'

PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE CALLS FOR CONVICTION OF THE PORTUGUESE 'BONNIE & CLYDE'The Public Prosecutor's Office have called for the conviction of Nélida Alves and Sidney Pereira, the couple suspected of violent robberies at fuel stations in Portugal and Spain, committed in the summer of 2022.

Faro: Police arrest a man threatening people with a large knife

FARO: POLICE ARREST A MAN THREATENING PEOPLE WITH A LARGE KNIFEYesterday, the Faro PSP arrested a 33 year old man who was actively threatening several citizens, "using a large bladed weapon".

Government Plans To Cut Non-EU Immigration

GOVERNMENT PLANS TO CUT NON-EU IMMIGRATION UnpublishedPortugal’s new government has announced a plan to restrict immigration for non-European Union citizens. Until now, under previous Socialist administrations, the arrangements have been very open.

Albufeira: GNR arrest 27 year old for a plethora of house robberies

ALBUFEIRA: GNR ARREST 27 YEAR OLD FOR A PLETHORA OF HOUSE ROBBERIESThe GNR have arrested the 27 year old perpetrator of a wave of thefts from several house robberies in the Albufeira area over the past few months.

The Government tightens immigration rules

THE GOVERNMENT TIGHTENS MIGRATION RULESYesterday, the government announced a new plan that will toughen some immigration rules, following in the footsteps of other EU countries, and just days before election polls open. Immigrants who want to work in Portugal will have to apply for a specific visa at a Portuguese consulate if they want to regularise their immigration status.

Beja Air Show: two planes collide leaving one man dead and one injured

BEJA AIR SHOW: TWO PLANES COLLIDE LEAVING ONE MAN DEAD AND ONE INJUREDThe Public Prosecutor's Office have opened an investigation to discover the circumstances under which the plane crash occurred at the Beja Air Show festival, on Sunday afternoon, which caused one death and one minor injury.

The petition “New Algarve Central Hospital now” will be heard today

THE PETITION “NEW ALGARVE CENTRAL HOSPITAL NOW” WILL BE HEARD TODAYThe authors of the petition “New Algarve Central Hospital now!” will be heard today, Monday 3rd June, at 5pm, in the Assembly of the Republic, Lisbon.