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portimaocamaraA hugely controversial tourist development planned on the coast at João D'Arens, Portimão, has failed to obtain a positive Environmental Impact Assessment.

The construction of three hotels with more than 600 tourist beds, on the João D'Arens site between Tres Irmãos and Vau beaches, obtained an unfavourable Environmental Impact Statement as confirmed on Wednesday by the CCDR-Algarve.

sunnyThe Portuguese weather service predicts some hot weekend weather, “for the time of year.”
According to the IPMA, thermometers will rise across the country between 11 and 13 May, with a forecast of a clear sky and a sharp rise in the maximum temperature values carrying on into the week ahead.

gavelOne of the women accused of kidnapping and assaulting a British citizen in 2015 today was sentenced to six and a half years' imprisonment for aggravated abduction.

According to the Portimão court, it was proven that Eliana Carvalho, 24, committed a crime of aggravated abduction, alongside the offenses of torture or other cruelty, degrading or inhuman treatment, and acting with excessive, gratuitous, total and wanton violence towards Leighanne Rumney, 22 at the time.

portimaocamaraPortimão Council intends to spend the suspiciously round figure of €1 million of ratepayers’ money on replacing a wooden walkway at Praia da Rocha.

The announcement was made by the Mayor, Isilda Gomes, at a recent session of the Municipal Assembly during which discussions were held on the general state of the Council area.

OlhaoViewSmallThe Environmental Impact Study of the long-awaited Olhão bypass has stated that the project has impacts of 'non-significant importance' and says the road is ‘environmentally viable.’

The public can comment until June 12th but as the deal is part of the upgrading of the EN125, taking traffic from the current road that passes through the north of the city to alleviate congestion, it is unlikely that there will be many negative comments.

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