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Silves closes some tourist attractions for disinfestation

SILVES CLOSES SOME TOURIST ATTRACTIONS FOR DISINFESTATIONThe Igreja da Misericórdia, the Museu do Traje e das Tradições and the Casa Museu João de Deus in Silves will all be closed for short periods over the next few weeks.

Albufeira: Young woman "under the influence of drugs and alcohol" accused of killing another

ALBUFEIRA: YOUNG WOMAN "UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL" ACCUSED OF KILLING ANOTHERThe young woman accused of having stabbed another woman who ended up dying in April 2023, in Albufeira, claimed in court that she did not remember doing it, because she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Municipality of Silves approves housing solutions for 124 families

MUNICIPALITY OF SILVES APPROVES HOUSING SOLUTIONS FOR 124 FAMILIESThe Municipality of Silves approved the review of the Local Housing Strategy, within the scope of the implementation of the 1st Law Program and the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Sagres: Young German woman falls to her death

SAGRES: YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN FALLS TO HER DEATHA 26 year old German woman died yesterday afternoon, after falling 40 metres from a cliff on Rebolinhos beach, in Sagres.

Man arrested for suspected rape in a massage centre

Man arrested for suspected rape in a massage centre.Police have arrested a 47 year old man, due to strong evidence of the crime of rape, against a 71 year old foreign citizen, in a massage center in Quarteira.

Family left homeless after a container fire

FAMILY LEFT HOMELESS AFTER A CONTAINER FIREA couple with two children have been left homeless today due to a fire at their home, in the early hours of this morning.

Albufeira: Suspect arrested for a 2019 murder

ALBUFEIRA: SUSPECT ARRESTED FOR A 2019 MURDERA man was arrested by the Judicial Police at the weekend, on strong suspicions of a murder that occurred in Albufeira, in October 2019.

First week of the new Portuguese government

FIRST WEEK OF THE NEW PORTUGUESE GOVERNMENTPrime Minister Luis Montenegro, of Portugal’s new centre-right government said at his swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday this week that he expects to serve for the entire four-and-a-half-year term, despite his party’s very narrow election victory and the country’s instability.