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Unveiling the world of corruption

Unveiling the world of corruption The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has produced an easy-to-read insight into the vast number of leaked documents contained in its explosive Pandora Papers about global corruption.

Messines GNR officer will represent Portugal in the Wheelchair Handball Tournament in France

MESSINES GNR OFFICER WILL REPRESENT PORTUGAL IN THE WHEELCHAIR HANDBALL TOURNAMENT IN FRANCEGNR officer, 31 year old Tiago Cantigas, is one of 12 athletes chosen to represent Portugal national team by coach Danilo Ferreira, at the Wheelchair Handball Tournament in France this weekend.

Algarve: Gender Identity and Diversity Department to open this year

ALGARVE: GENDER IDENTITY AND DIVERSITY DEPARTMENT TO OPEN THIS YEARThe Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (CHUA) have announced they will create a Gender Identity and Diversity Department by the end of this year.

Algarve property: the second quarter sees prices increase by 3.9%

ALGARVE PROPERTY: THE SECOND QUARTER SEES PRICES INCREASE BY 3.9%According to the Idealista price index, house prices in the Algarve have risen by 3.9% in the second quarter of this year.

New airport: Costa requests the decree is revoked

NEW AIRPORT: COSTA REQUESTS THE DECREE IS REVOKEDThe Prime Minister, António Costa, today ordered the revocation of the order published on Wednesday regarding the airport solution for the Lisbon region.

34 arrested for corruption in vehicle inspection centres

34 ARRESTED FOR CORRUPTION IN VEHICLE INSPECTION CENTRESYesterday, the PSP arrested 34 people on suspicion of being linked to a corruption scheme in the technical inspection of vehicles. The investigation, which began in 2017, had the collaboration of the Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (IMT) and covers at least seven inspection centers (CITV).

The EU approves plan to ban the sale of petrol & diesel cars by 2035

THE EU APPROVES PLAN TO BAN THE SALE OF PETROL & DIESEL CARS BY 2035The European Union 27 bloc countries have approved a plan to eliminate carbon emissions to zero by 2035, by banning the sale of new vehicles that run on petrol and diesel.

Quarteira: Uber driver missing since Friday

Sandra Andrade is 49 years old, lives in Quarteira and has been missing since last Friday, June 24th . Sandra Andrade is 49 years old, lives in Quarteira and has been missing since last Friday, June 24th. Her family is desperately looking for her.