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salgadoBESThe Bank of Portugal has condemned the disgraced former banker, Ricardo Salgado, to pay yet another fine, this one is €1.8 million and relates to his management, or mismanagement, of BES-Angola whose appalling financial condition led to the collapse of the Espírito Santo empire.

This is the third time Salgado has been found guilty of professional misconduct during the period he ran Grupo Espírito Santo. These golden years ended abruptly in 2014 with the collapse of Rioforte, BES and then many other companies in the sprawling group.

TaviratempBridgeThe Left Bloc continues to push the government over the silting up of the Tavira sand bank caused, claim the Bloquistas and local fishermen, by the dumping of dredged sludge too close to shore.

The dredged material from the dredging of the Gilão River is being dumped at a distance of just 1,000 metres from the shoreline, too close for comfort, with fishing organisations claiming that this sludge will end up shifting and blocking the channels used by the local fishing fleet.

bop2The names of debtors to those banks that have received state support will have to be published in a move that introduces greater transparency.

Despite the Socialist MPs abstaining, the other parties voted for the change that will annoy the governor of the bank of Portugal who has resisted the move, claiming it contravenes ‘banking secrecy’ rules.

airplane2"The new airport will not be built if the environmental study does not allow it," stated Portugal’s prime minister, a day after signing the agreement to create a second Lisbon airport at the Montijo air base.

Prime Minister António Costa’s statement about the missing environmental impact study could lead environmentalists to conclude that he already knows the study's contents and recommendations to be acceptable.

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