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airplaneThe environmental association Zero, has filed an urgent action in Lisbon’s Administrative Court in an effort to, “enforce a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the decision to install an airport in Montijo," citing a "blatant lack of transparency" in the planning process.

An agreement was signed in January this year between the national airports operator, ANA, and the government despite the lack of an Environmental Impact Statement, a necessary step in the procedure.

cp2The president of Comboios de Portugal, Portugal’s railway company, was cheery about the business despite recognising that any company with €2.6 billion in debt can never truly be happy.

Carlos Gomes Nogueira, said today that the problem of CP’s debt is "suffocating the business" despite trading moving slowly towards some positive results.

MinisterCentenoFinancePortugal’s Finance Minister, Mário Centeno, continues his attempt to play down the situation at Novo Banco as the privately controlled business heads towards its maximum State guaranteed capital borrowing limit of €3.9 billion.

Centeno claims that, "Not one euro of Portuguese taxes" is being used to bail out Novo Banco and that contributions from other banks, through the Resolution Fund, will reimburse the State at some future point.

plasticatseaA team of scientists from Science and Technology faculty of the University of Coimbra have been studying the damage that nanoplastics have been generating in Portugal’s freshwater ecosystems.

The results have been published in the scientific journal Fungal Ecology, focused on the process of leaf decomposition, considered a crucial indicator for assessing the function and quality of freshwater systems. For this, the team used five species of hyphomycetes - aquatic fungi that play the main role in the decomposition of leaves.

justiceministerThe Ministry of Justice has confirmed that, in its opinion, the Algarve does not need an appeals court, a Tribunal da Relação. The news was announced in response to a request from the Communist parliamentary group that wanted the matter looked into once again.

"The Tribunal da Relação de Faro, created by Decree-Law no. 186-A / 99, of May 31, was never set up. The reduced volume of expected cases has removed the viability of setting one up," said the office of the Assistant Secretary of State for Justice.

portimaocamaraMembers of 'Citizens Against Construction at João de Arens,' in fierce opposition to the construction of hotels in countryside on the Portimão coastline, have been prevented from accessing the planning documents by the local Council.

The plan, proposed by two Portuguese property development companies and a Spanish hospitality company, announced a project to construct three hotels with a total of 411 rooms in the parish of Alvor, Portimão.

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