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International study detects heavy metals and microplastics in the Algarve sea

INTERNATIONAL STUDY DETECTS HEAVY METALS AND MICROPLASTICS IN THE ALGARVE SEAAn international study led by researcher Pedro Costa of the University of Coimbra (UC) announced today that heavy metals and microplastics are some of the pollutants detected on the Algarve continental shelf.

Covid-19: Portugal remains the EU country with the most new cases

COVID-19: PORTUGAL REMAINS THE EU COUNTRY WITH THE MOST NEW CASESPortugal remains the European Union (EU) country with the most new cases of Covid per million inhabitants in the last seven days, and is second in the world according to this indicator.

Conning on the cost of living

CONNING ON THE COST OF LIVINGThe soaring cost of living because of record-breaking inflation rates is bad enough in itself, but there are a couple of other rather sneaky economic things to worry about too.

Baby girl born in the car outside Faro Emergency Department

BABY GIRL BORN IN THE CAR OUTSIDE FARO EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTA baby girl was born in a car in the parking area of Faro Hospital, outside the Emergency Room, at around 19:30 on Monday evening.

HPA Saúde Group signs partnership with Taviclínica in Tavira

HPA SAÚDE GROUP SIGNS PARTNERSHIP WITH TAVICLÍNICA IN TAVIRAYesterday, the private healthcare group HPA Saúde officially signed a collaboration agreement with Taviclínica Médica, in Tavira.

Drug dealing couple intercepted in the middle of the A22 motorway

DRUG DEALING COUPLE INTERCEPTED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE A22 MOTORWAYThe GNR have arrested two people “in the middle of the A22 motorway, near Loulé” and seized more than 39 kilograms of hashish and 255 doses of cocaine.

Alentejo and Algarve mayors ask ANMP to postpone decentralization

ALENTEJO AND ALGARVE MAYORS ASK ANMP TO POSTPONE DECENTRALIZATION - Photo Source https://portugal.postsen.com/Mayors of six municipalities in the Alentejo and Algarve regions have asked for the “postponement” of the process of transferring powers to the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP), from which they demand a “more prominent” intervention in the defense of local power.

Beach-goers rescue dolphin in Luz de Tavira

BEACH-GOERS RESCUE DOLPHIN IN LUZ DE TAVIRAYesterday morning, bathers rushed to help a dolphin that became washed up on Homem Nu beach, in Luz de Tavira.