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parliamentA bill passed last Friday by Portugal’s parliament sets out a legal basis for housing being treated as a citizens’ right. Under the new law, the Portuguese government becomes responsible for ensuring adequate housing for all citizens as “the guarantor of the right to housing,” writes Peter Yeung at Citylab.

The Basic Housing Law emphasizes the “social function” of housing, with the explicit goals of eradicating homelessness, prioritizing the use of public real estate for affordable housing, and prohibiting tenant evictions across Lisbon—a pressing issue in recent years—unless the state is able to provide similar accommodation nearby. Framers of the law describe it as a foundation and roadmap for future policies, albeit one with some explicitly defined targets, rather than a direct instrument for giving people homes.

olhaoA photograph of the dancing umbrellas of Olhão has won a competition in the Sunday Times, adding to the city’s ever-improving international reputation.

Once the Algarve’s most dangerous, drug-riddled and crime-ridden city, the influx of largely foreign money and property know-how has turned the formerly crumbling city centre into a must see destination, despite the city Council’s well deserved reputation for corruption, financial smoke and mirrors and patronage.

ww1Pictures and records of those former residents of Silves municipality who fought for the Allies during World War I, (which for Portugal ran from 1916 to 1918) are being recognised in an exhibition in the old casino in Armação de Pêra.

Men from the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps (CEP) are noted in, ‘The Combatants of the Municipality of Silves in World War I.’

cessna152Seven people have been charged in relation to the death of two people, one an eight-year-old girl, when a light aircraft landed on the beach at Costa da Caparica, on the western coast of the district of Setúbal.

The fatal accident on August 2, 2017, was the result in an engine fault. Instead of landing in the sea, the pilot brough the aircraft down on the beach, with devastating effect.

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