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oilonshorerigPortugal's parliament formally has recommended to the government executive that it suspends oil and gas exploration in the Alcobaça and Pombal concession areas, in accordance to a resolution just published in Diário da República.

In the official entry, MPs recommend that the executive, "makes every effort to cancel the exploration contracts for hydrocarbons in the Lusitanian Basin, in Alcobaça and Pombal, with the Australian company, Australis, Oil & Gas."

burglaryRecorded crime declined in 2018 in all regions of Portugal, even the number of ATM explosions was down 90%.

In the parliamentary commission for Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, the Home Affairs Minister, Eduardo Cabrita, told MPs that the provisional 2018 data for crime showed that by November 2018, the trend of falling crime statistics had continued and quickened.

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