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Quarantine 'confusion' for UK as Wales and Scotland put Portugal on no-go list

112quarantine confusionTravellers from Portugal to the United Kingdom faced what the UK’s transport minister said was wild confusion this Friday as Wales and Scotland slapped a quarantine on arrivals from Portugal but, England and Northern Ireland held back from restrictions.

Portuguese activists take 33 countries to European Court over climate change

111climate changeYoung activists from Portugal have filed the first climate change case at the European court of human rights in Strasbourg, demanding 33 countries make more ambitious emissions cuts to safeguard their future physical and mental wellbeing.

Britain could make Portugal quarantine decision on Friday, minister says

111quarantine decisionBritain is set to make a decision this Friday on whether to impose a 14-day quarantine on arrivals from Portugal after cases of COVID-19 began to rise around the Central and Northern parts of the country, the UK’s health minister, Matt Hancock, said today.

British tourists rush to leave Algarve over risk of UK quarantine U-turn

110tourist rush"The news of a possible closure of the air corridor is already causing a great deal of concern, particularly among customers who are currently in the Algarve, with some asking to hasten their return to England," the Portuguese Hospitality Association (AHT) spokesman João Soares told press today.

Algarve dams only have enough water to last until the end of this year

110dam worriesThe Algarve’s dams only have enough water available to last until the end of the year, if there is no significant rainfall over the next few months, the Permanent Drought Monitoring Commission revealed in its most recent report.

Health Secretary warns of ‘greater transmission of COVID-19’ throughout Portugal

110health secretaryWith just a few days before Portuguese students return to face-to-face classes and thousands of adults to the workplace, the Director-General of Health and Minister of Health warned today that with this greater movement of people Portugal must prepare for a rise in COVID-19 cases in the autumn and winter season.

Portugal risks returning to UK's quarantine list as Covid cases pass threshold

109case thresholdAs coronavirus cases in Portugal go up and down, fears are growing that Britain will reimpose a quarantine for people travelling home from the country. It has been less than two weeks since Britain, Portugal’s leading source of tourism, lifted a 14-day self-isolation rule for travellers arriving from Portugal.

UK says always reviewing quarantine data, no comment on Portugal shift

109quarantine dataBritain will keep its quarantine policy under review, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman told press today, but declined to comment on media reports that Portugal will be added back onto the government’s no-go list due to rising case numbers around Lisbon and Northern Portugal.