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monsantoNot content with a five-year extension being granted to Monsanto for its controversial glyphosate, used in the weedkiller, Roundup, the company stated, "Glyphosate has fulfilled all requirements for a full 15-year renewal. There is no scientific basis for approving authorisation for only five years."

EU members states’ ‘experts’ agreed on Monday, November 27th to grant a five-year extension for the herbicide, with 18 votes in favour, nine against and one abstention - Portugal.

tollsThe State Budget for 2018 has been approved as the left wing alliance pushed through key proposals, despite opposition.

The Social Democratic party in the Algarve pointed out that this budget "is a great disappointment and a tremendous injustice" for the region as public investment nationally is to be boosted by 40%, with the Algarve region receiving an increase of just 1% on 2017.

atmThe Judicial Police in Portimão have arrested a man and a woman who are suspected of being the pair that terrorised a couple after breaking into their Monchique home and threatening to shoot them.

Not content with taking gold and other valuables, the couple drove off with the woman, intent on getting her to take cash out of an ATM.

guadianamiradouroEnvironmental association ZERO has called for Portugal and Spain to discuss Spain's failure to respect the existing agreement over water flows in the Tagus, Douro and Guadiana rivers that start in Spain and run through Portugal to the sea.

The association has assessed what few flow records it has managed to obtain for 2016 and 2017 and concluded that there were several periods in which Spain was pinching more water than it was allowed.

droughtFarmers in the northeastern Algarve municipalities of Alcoutim and Castro Marim are calling for the construction of a dam as the recent years of drought seem to be becoming the norm and each year this affects crops and animals.

A new dam also would enable a more balanced agriculture as water could be relied on when planting irrigation-dependent crops.

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