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teacherPrime Minister, António Costa, has faced down last week’s threat to his administration with opposition parties backing off from a full-battle over teachers’ pay that triggered a political crisis last week.

The fading opposition means Costa's socialists look stronger still in advance of the European elections.

earthquakeScientists have put forward a hypothetical geological reason to explain Portugal’s two deadly earthquakes that occurred in 1755 and 1969.

Both earthquakes were unexpected as the Iberian peninsula is located far from the effects of shifting tectonic plates, the usual reason for earthquakes.

portimaoThe Public Security Police has arrested and held a 21-year-old man on suspicion of being involved in several thefts in Portimão and the surrounding area. 

An investigation had been going on over the past four months and arrests have now been made of “a criminal gang composed of five suspects suspected of about two dozen thefts, namely in garages and domestic properties, of motorcycles and bicycles."

fireA property in central Faro, inhabited by homeless people, was on fire from 8.30 pm on Monday with dozens of firemen battling the flames that soon had burst through the roof.

The fire, in the property located at the end of Rua Rector Teixeira Guedes, next to the court, this evening was being tackled by 25 firemen, supported by ten vehicles.

BPNOliveiraBusinessman, Ricardo Oliveira was acquitted in two BPN lawsuits so the State wnow is obliged to release €10 million in cash and property that has been seized.

"In the face of the decision of the acquittal of the defendant Ricardo Manuel dos Santos Oliveira … it is determined the immediate removal of all the leins on personal and corporate assets," read the Court summary.

FiremonchiquealightThe Minister of Agriculture, Luís Capoulas Santos, said he is all for the application of sanctions for those of Portugal's Councils that do not have an updated Municipal Forest Defence Plan against fires.

In interviews, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development said it is "incomprehensible" that there remain 28 Councils in Portugal with outdated fire plans.

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