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caixageral2Consumer champion, DECO, has seen pressure put on Caixa Geral produce results. The taxpayer owned bank has decided to resume paying interest on low value deposits.

"Caixa Geral de Depósitos has retreated in its decision to stop paying interest on savings deposits," stated António Ribeiro, financial analyst at DECO.

pvDespite a demanding ceiling price of €45/MWh the Portuguese government's tender for solar generation facilities has received applications for projects with seven times the generation capacity it will allocate.

Portugal’s decision for public auction procurement process for PV plants has been met with spectacular demand, writes Marian Willuhn.

farocamaraFaro Council's operations are at the centre of raids by police investigating a saddening, yet all too familiar litany of corruption and embezzlement.

So far, four people have been made official suspects after AMBIFARO, Gestão de Equipamentos Municipais, E.M., Faro’s municipal market and a lawyer's office were raided, as well as suspects’ homes, in the search for evidence.

LagoasBrancasSmallA highly suspicious and partial report, issued in 2017 by the Institute for the Conservation of Forestry and Nature, has been discreditied by the PAN political party which is demanding that the Lagoa wetlands be classified as a protected zone.

The party also has demanded that the ICNF carries out a new study that takes the matter seriously and stops referring to the freshwaterr wetland as of no interest and not worth protecting.

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