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justiceA Judge at the Court of Appeal in Porto, heavily criticised for his demeaning verbal attacks on women, has been transferred to a civil section of the court so he won’t have to decide on domestic violence cases.

This is just as well as a recent appeal catapulted the judge into the headline after he cited the Bible and the Portuguese Penal Code of 1886 which allows for little more than a symbolic penalty even if a husband kills his adulterous wife.

SEFPortugal’s Borders Service staff today accused the government of irresponsibility for not increasing the number of inspectors, arguing that the current cadre of 800 is insufficient for the Brexit contingency plan.

"In not increasing the number of inspectors, the government is being irresponsible," the union states, arguing that as sufficient inspectors will not be in place the government’s contingency plan will be ineffective or unsafe.

accident125Accidents on Portugal’s roads have caused 83 deaths in the first two months of the year, one more than in the same period of 2018, said the National Highway Safety Authority.

According to the ANSR, which collects data from the road police, the number of accidents has increased this year, with 20,322 crashes, 185 more than in the same period last year.

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