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PSD demands progress from the Algarve Oncological Center

PSD DEMANDS PROGRESS FROM THE ALGARVE ONCOLOGICAL CENTERThe president of PSD Algarve, Cristóvão Norte, today demanded the advancement of the Algarve Oncological Center, which he says is at risk of being stopped after two entities supervised by the Ministry of Health issued unfavourable opinions to the project.

Algarve Food Bank receives the MSD Maria José Nogueira Pinto award

ALGARVE FOOD BANK RECEIVES THE MSD MARIA JOSÉ NOGUEIRA PINTO AWARDAlgarve food bank, Banco Alimentar do Algarve, has been distinguished in the 11th edition of the MSD Maria José Nogueira Pinto award. The ceremony took place at the Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira, in Lisbon, and was attended by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of the Republic, and Manuel Pizarro, Minister of Health.

Cristiano Ronaldo sentenced to 100 lashes for kissing woman in Iran

Photo from Instagram - CRISTIANO RONALDO SENTENCED TO 100 LASHES FOR KISSING WOMAN IN IRANDuring a recent visit to Iran, Cristiano Ronaldo was with artist Fatemeh Hamami, who offered him a painting and Ronaldo, as a gesture of gratitude, hugged and kissed the Iranian young woman.

Portimão: 28 year old man dies in collision on EN125

PORTIMÃO: 28 YEAR OLD MAN DIES IN COLLISION ON EN125A 28 year old man died in a collision between three cars yesterday afternoon, on the EN125 in Portimão, in the Chão das Donas area.

Teacher from Évora placed in Quarteira: “I will consider living at a campsite”

TEACHER FROM ÉVORA PLACED IN QUARTEIRA: “I WILL CONSIDER LIVING AT A CAMPSITE”Dulce Figueiredo is from Évora, but has been placed to teach in Quarteira this year, over 200km from her home and family.

Portimão: 230 athletes compete in the biggest adapted sailing championship in the world

PORTIMÃO: 230 ATHLETES COMPETE IN THE BIGGEST ADAPTED SAILING CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE WORLDBetween October 14th and 21st, the waters of Portimão serve as the setting for the largest adapted sailing competition ever held worldwide, with 230 athletes competing. 

'TheFork Fest' means 50% discount at participating restaurants

'THEFORK FEST' MEANS 50% DISCOUNT AT PARTICIPATING RESTAURANTSThe online restaurant reservation platform “TheFork” have created a festival, “TheFork Fest”, where participating restaurants will offer a 50% discount, with hundreds of restaurants across Portugal taking part.

In the Algarve, there are already 13 restaurants that have already joined the festival and will offer the 50% off their menu, excluding drinks. 

The Festival begins this Thursday, October 12th and lasts more than a month, ending on November 26th.

Find out now which restaurants in the Algarve are offering the 50% discount HERE.

This festival covers the entire country, so you can also travel further afield and discover a new restaurant gem, at 50% off!

Rainy and unstable weather expected from Friday

RAINY AND UNSTABLE WEATHER EXPECTED FROM FRIDAYAfter several weeks with temperatures well above average and a sunny environment, rain is set to return to the country within a few days, in the form of a cold front.