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Subsidy of €219 for those who treat patients with Covid-19

SUBSIDY OF €219 FOR THOSE WHO TREAT PATIENTS WITH COVID-19According to the preliminary version of the Portuguese State Budget proposal for 2021, health professionals working in areas dedicated to Covid-19 treatment will receive a risk subsidy to the maximum amount of €219 per month. 

Easyjet to open bases in Faro and Malaga next Summer

EASYJET TO OPEN BASES IN FARO AND MALAGA NEXT SUMMERBudget airline EasyJet have announced they will create two new 'seasonal bases', situated in Faro and in Malaga, in time for next summer. Mainland Portugal and Spain remain off the UK government’s air bridge list due to Covid-19 case increases, but the budget airline plans to 'base' three aircraft at each airport, which will create around 200 pilot and cabin crew jobs.

Wearing masks in open spaces is on the cards

WEARING MASKS IN OPEN SPACES IS ON THE CARDSThe Minister of Health in Portugal, Marta Temido, today confirmed that there are plans in place to recommend the use of a mask in open spaces this autumn-winter,  given the impossibility of maintaining the physical distance rules to help prevention of Covid-19.

Proposed regulation of benefits for volunteer firefighters in Silves

PROPOSED REGULATION OF BENEFITS FOR VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS FROM SILVESThe Municipality of Silves have submitted a draft Municipal Regulation for the Attribution of Benefits to Voluntary Firemen in Silves, for public consultation within a period of 30 working days, starting today.

Support for the tourism sector despite summer being "better than expected"

SUPPORT FOR THE TOURISM SECTOR DESPITE SUMMER BEING "BETTER THAN EXPECTED"After a summer season 2020 which was better than expected, but still with a huge drop in tourist activity, the Algarve, and indeed the rest of Portugal, is about to enter "the most difficult months" for the tourism sector. Rita Marques, the State Secretary of Tourism has confirmed the government will "act on two fronts", to maintain support for the maintenance of jobs and also launching a program to promote tourism.

All municipalities of the Algarve now have active Covid-19 cases

ALL MUNICIPALITIES OF THE ALGARVE NOW HAVE ACTIVE COVID-19 CASESFor the first time since the pandemic hit the Algarve, all 16 municipalities of the Algarve now have active Covid-19 cases.
As cases increase, September (18,153) had more cases than April (16,736), but less patients hospitalised and in the ICU. Now, October has already recorded four of the worst ten days in number of new cases of the pandemic. 

Portuguese-Spanish Summit Hopes To Cement Cross-border Cooperation

PORTUGUESE-SPANISH SUMMIT HOPES TO CEMENT CROSS-BORDER COOPERATIONThe 31st Portuguese-Spanish Summit will take place on Saturday, in Guarda, with cross-border cooperation and the articulation of the two countries for economic recovery as central themes.

PSP radars - check out the October list

PSP RADARS - CHECK OUT THE OCTOBER LISTEvery month, the Public Security Police publishes a list of the places where it will carry out active inspections, within the scope of the road prevention campaign “Quem warns you”, or 'Who warns you?'