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Sailboat crew rescued after an encounter with Orcas

SAILBOAT CREW RESCUED AFTER AN ENCOUNTER WITH ORCASFive people were rescued this Sunday, after an encounter with Orcas, off the coast of Sines.

Pool pilferers steal an in-ground pool!

Photo by GNR. POOL PILFERERS STEAL AN IN-GROUND POOL!A couple from the Vila Nova de Gaia area in northern Portugal decided to steal an entire in-ground swimming pool in the process of being installed!

Inflation reaches new all-time high across the Eurozone

INFLATION REACHES NEW ALL-TIME HIGH ACROSS THE EUROZONEInflation across the eurozone has reached a new all-time high of 8.9% in July, up from 8.6% in June.

Lagos: Couple rob gas station, kidnap a man and steal his car

LAGOS: COUPLE ROB GAS STATION, KIDNAP A MAN AND STEAL HIS CARA foreign couple robbed a gas station last night in Lagos, stealing a car to getaway and fleeing with the cars owner inside.

Measures to reduce water consumption in tourist developments are in the pipeline

MEASURES TO REDUCE WATER CONSUMPTION IN TOURIST DEVELOPMENTS ARE IN THE PIPELINEThe president of Turismo do Algarve, João Fernandes, said today that a set of measures is being prepared to reduce water consumption in tourist developments in the region, but that do not apply to human consumption.

Albufeira: tourists spread terror in holiday apartments

Photo by CM - ALBUFEIRA: TOURISTS SPREAD TERROR IN HOLIDAY APARTMENTSA group of 20 young Englishmen broke beds, ripped off locks on doors, urinated on curtains and pranced around naked in front of other guests and residents at the Apartamentos Regina complex, in Albufeira.

Pensioner waits over an hour on the ground for an ambulance

PENSIONER WAITS OVER AN HOUR ON THE GROUND FOR AN AMBULANCEThe Union of Pre-Hospital Emergency Technicians (STEPH) revealed today that earlier this week a 70-year-old man, after suffering several seizures, had to wait more than an hour for an ambulance, to be transported to Faro Hospital.

EasyJet plane makes emergency landing in Faro

Photo by sapo 24 -EASYJET PLANE MAKES EMERGENCY LANDING IN FAROYesterday evening, an EasyJet flight from Faro to Glasgow made an emergency landing shortly after taking off, on suspicion of a fire in one of the engines.