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soldierPortugal’s prime minister has made it quite clear that the government does not support the formation of a European army, preferring to remain in NATO with full support.

António Costa said that this will be laid out in black and white in a resolution from the Council of Ministers as membership of Permanent Structured Cooperation will not be an alternative to Portugal’s place in NATO.

ConforamaThe chief executive of Steinhoff, the group that controls Portuguese furniture and homeware retailer Conforama, has resigned over accounting irregularities and a resultig collapse in its share price.

Steinhoff's CEO, Markus Jooste, resigned on Wednesday as shares dropped 60%. The market was informed -  "Steinhoff's supervisory board informs its shareholders that it has had access to new information that relates to accounting irregularities that require further investigation."

frost2A gentle rain is predicted for northern regions in the morning, with scudding clouds in the south. During the day, rainfall will travel south and reach the centre of the country.

The drizzle should start early in the day, accompanied by a gentle breeze. On the downside, there will be overnight frost in the interior regions with the temperature in Vila Real dropping to 1°C, and 2°CV in Bragança.

justiceClubThe two judges who ruled in the so-called ‘domestic violence’ case, where a woman was attacked with a nail-spiked club by her husband and former lover, are to be subject to a disciplinary procedure.

The case triggered widespread national and international outrage when the judges’ summary partly excused the husband’s attack as he had been depressed and his honour and dignity had been besmirched by his wife’s behaviour - anyway 'there's far worse in the Bible.'

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