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tapTAP Air Portugal, the leading airline from the UK to Portugal, has marked a historic point in its 74-year history. With the arrival of another A330neo – CS-TUI, which has been named King Afonso Henriques – the company has 100 aircraft in its fleet for the first time with 71 new aircraft due to arrive by 2025.

The new airplanes have allowed TAP to open new routes with the airline continuing to grow in Brazil, a market in which TAP retains market leadership in connections to Europe and where there has been a 22.8% increase in the number of passengers between 2015 and 2018.  

oceanPortugal and Angola reinforced cooperation in the economy of the sea through a memorandum signed in Lisbon by the Minister of the Sea of ​​Portugal, Ana Paula Vitorino, and the Angolan Minister of Fisheries, Maria Antonieta Baptista, at the end of the forum "Entrepreneurs Portuguese and Angolans together for a sustainable cooperation of the Sea ".

 In a statement to the media, Ana Paula Vitorino stressed that the new agreement provides for "cooperation in all areas of the sea" such as fisheries, aquaculture and fish processing.

seahorsePortugal’s nature party wants to see a sanctuary created in the Ria Formosa to save the dwindling seahorse population.

PAN - People-Animals-Nature - has presented outline legislation finally to classify seahorses as a protected species and to create a haven in the Ria Formosa lagoon area for their recovery.

property upLast year, 178,691 properties were sold in Portugal, 16.6% more than in 2017, an average of 490 homes per day.

These sales totaled €24.1 billion, 24.4% higher than in the previous year and leading to a record tax take from the Municipal Tax on Real Estate Taxes (IMT) and Municipal Property Tax (IMI).

doctorpaedoThe government has opened a tender to hire 1,264 doctors in general and family medicine, public health and for the nation’s hospitals, in an effort to fill, "the largest number of vacancies ever."

The vacancies for newly-qualified doctors, published on Thursday in the Diário da República, totals 1,264 jobs, of which 398 for family doctors, 13 in the public health area and 853 in hospitals.

olhaoportDocapesca has begun the refurbishment of the fish sorting and auction area at the fishing port of Olhão.

The spend is close to € 200,000 and is expected to take 120 days, as detailed in the public tender launched in December 2018.

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